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Hizbullah pledges to defends its Syrian ally

The leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance group Hizbullah, Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah in a televised speech on April 30, 2013, predicted that USrael-sponsored Syrian rebels will not be able to defeat pro-Assad milirary. Nasrallah warned the US and its Arab puppets … Continue reading

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Germany: ‘Become a prostitute or lose government benefits’

Germany under Zionists’ control has adopted several measures from Israel to run their country. One of such measures is prostitution and sex slavery which is legal in Israel. Prostitution was legalised in Germany in 2002 because the government believed that … Continue reading

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Bachmann: ‘I will close US Embassy in Tehran’

The Republican Presidential hopeful, Israel-Firster Rep. Michele Bachmann, is a typical ignorant and bigot US politician. Bachmann tells NBC News’ Jamie Novogrod that if she was US President, she would have closed US Embassy in Tehran. She was responding to … Continue reading

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Baghdad to close-down anti-Iran terrorist camp

On Tuesday, the spokesperson of the Iraqi defense ministry, General Mohammed al-Askari, said that the three former members of Iran’s anti-Islamic-regime terrorist organization, Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MKO), escaped from Camp Ashraf, the terrorist group’s headquarters in Iraq, and surrendered to the Iraqi … Continue reading

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Obama appoints four Ambassadors to bypass Senate

The Senate approval of Ben Obama’s Ambassadorial nominees for three Muslim-majority countries, Turkey, Syria and Azerbaijan had been put on hold by the pro-Israel Lobby Senators. Using the Congressional recess – Ben Obama has approved his three nominees plus Norman Eisen, … Continue reading

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Do Muslims hate America for its ‘democracy’!

Not at all – democracy has been chased away from the US political system. Both the Democrat and the Repulican politicians are mere puppets while the strings are in the hands of Jewish lobby groups working for Israel. On the … Continue reading

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