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UNHRC blasts Israel for human-rights abuses

UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, in a statement issued last Wednesday put the Zionist entity among world’s top human rights abusers such as such as Belarus, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ethiopia and Venezuela. She pinpointed Netanyahu government’s racist laws against non-Jewish … Continue reading

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Israelis sue Swiss banks, Again!

Even though international Jewish banking institutions control most of Swiss banks – Israelis have alway blamed some Swiss politicians and country’s banks for being anti-Semitic to squeeze more money out of Swiss taxpayers. A few years ago, Carlo Jagmetti, Switzerland’s … Continue reading

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No more Holocaust frauds, please!

Luba Kramrish, a Jewish woman living in Toronto has been formally charged in the US with taking part in a scheme to steal from a Holocaust survivors’ fund. The US attorney’s office claims that Kramrish falsified details for her mother’s … Continue reading

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South Sudanese forces defeated in Heglig

US-supported South Sudanese forces abandoned disputed oil-rich Heglig region – leaving over 1200 South Sudanese soldiers dead. “The numbers of killed from SPLM are 1,200,” Kamal Marouf, the Sudanese armed forces commander said during an address to thousands of troops … Continue reading

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Israeli Ambassador: ‘US always agree with Israel’

The Zionist entity’s ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, delivered a lecture at the Columbia Law School on Monday. Michael Oren was born in USA and studied at Columbia University. Like Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu – Oren also hold dual … Continue reading

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Lobby: ‘10th grade test question delegitimizes Israel’

An Ohio Graduation Test question which asked the Arab views of the establishment a entity for the Jews who were persecuted in Europe – drew anger from American Jewish groups. The test on which the question appeared was given between … Continue reading

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Guenter Grass compares Israel to Burma

German Nobel Laureate, Guenter Grass, who was declared persona non grata by Israeli government last week for his poem in which he criticized the Zionist regime for its warmongering against Iran – has compared the Zionist regime to the military-ruled … Continue reading

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