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Hindu Fascists in Canada

Meet Hindu extremist Ron Banerjee, director of Canadian Hindu Advocacy. He believes that Hindu community (400,000) is the “most victimized in Canada”. There are over 1,000 Hindu temples in Canada, the largest one, Toronto’s Shri Swamynarayan Mandir which was built … Continue reading

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Cairo: ‘Israeli flag is not welcome’

An Egyptian provincial governor has rewarded the protesterAhmed Shehat who pulled-down Israeli flag from top of Israeli embassy building and hoisted Egyptian flag on last Sunday. Ahmed Shehat, a carpenter, was given a new job, a house and a shield. … Continue reading

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Mossad hits UN building in Abuja

Today, a bomb blast at the United Nations four-storey building in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, has killed at least 16 people including the bomber. Speaking from New York, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declined to speculate on the motive for the attack, … Continue reading

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Lauren Booth: ‘No justice no peace’

The former British Prime Minister, Israel-Firster Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth, a world-class journalist, had converted to Islam. On August 21, 2011 – Lauren Booth spoke at the International Al-Quds rally in London (UK). Watch video below. She said everytime … Continue reading

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South Sudan and the ‘Save Cattle’ campaign

Many South Sudanese are waking up to the truth that they were fooled by the US-Israeli propaganda lies. The Afrian pagan dominated South Sudan separated from the Muslim Arab dominated North Sudan on July 9, 2011. However, since then the … Continue reading

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Iran sentences two US Jewish spies

According to Murdoch’s The Wall Street Journal (August 20, 2011) – Two of the three American Jews arrested in Iran on charges of espionage and illegal entry in July 2009 – have been sentenced to eight year each. Both Shane … Continue reading

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Tehran International Conference on Palestine

Iranian Majlis (Parliament) is holding its 5th International Conference on Palestine during the first week of October 2011. Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has sent official invitations to his counterparts Fahmida Mirza (Pakistan) and Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Ghurair (UAE). … Continue reading

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