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US anti-Iran sanction pushing and shoveling not working

On March 20, Washington announced that it will excempt ten European countries and Japan from penalities for doing business with Iran’s central bank, fasely claiming that these countries have reduced oil purchase from the Islamic Republic. However, Washington did not … Continue reading

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Sen. Rand Paul: ‘No war against Iran for Israel’

Yesterday, US Senate freshman and son of Rep. Ron Paul – Senator Rand Paul, formally blocked a bill which would have brought Washington closer to war with Iran and Syria – pushed by Israel-Firster lawmakers in all three US political … Continue reading

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Grossman to stop Iranian influence over Kabul

Barack Obama’s Ziocon Jewish pointman for Pakistan and Afghanistan Marc Grossman is well prepared for his task. He has to make sure that if and when US-NATO occupation forces leave Afghanistan – the country like Iraq doesn’t become Tehran’s ally. … Continue reading

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Clooney’s satellite over Sudan spies for Israel

Nathaniel Raymond is director of George Clooney’s the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP, who is not ashamed to admit his job description: “I count Sudanese tanks from space for George Clooney. The satellite surveillance of southern Sudan went live on December … Continue reading

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Teaching Holocaust through ‘dance’

In 2010, Australian Auschwitz camp survivor, Adolek Kohn, angered Israel lobby groups for performing a dance routine at Auschwitz and other sites while singing “I will survive”. In the dance routine Kohn was joined by his daughter Jane Korman and … Continue reading

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India: ‘Same gender sex is kosher’

India’s Attorney General G E Vahanvati said yesterday that Manmohan Singh’s government agrees with country’s High Court’s recent ruling that gay sex is not offensive. Vahanvati, who was yesterday asked by a bench of justices G S Singhvi and S … Continue reading

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Bosnian Muslim goes for Hajj by walk

“Hajj is a show of creation, a show of history, a show of unity, a show of Islamic idealogy, and a show of Ummah,” – Dr. Ali Shari’ati in his book ‘The Hajj’. Every year, nearly three million people gather … Continue reading

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