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French FM: ‘Assad’s fall is not imminent’

French Zionist foreign minister Laurent Fabius (his both parents were Jewish) has now second thoughts about the US-Israel desired regime change in Damascus. On Tuesday, he told reporters that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s fall is not imminent. France was among … Continue reading

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South Sudan repays Israel with oil contracts

The Zionist regime and US Jewish lobby groups played a major role in the break-up of Sudan, Africa’s largest Muslim state. The Zionist regimes have been working on this plan since 1967 but it intensified after the Islamist took over … Continue reading

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Obama: ‘Bibi doesn’t know what’s good for Israel’

On January 14, 2013, former Israeli prison guard – turned US journalist, Jeffrey Goldberg, posted an article in Bloomberg, titled ‘Obama, Israel doesn’t know what its best interests are’. In the article, Goldberg, whines that Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s anti-Obama campaign during … Continue reading

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Obama’s untraditional Presidential Oath

Barack Hussein Obama is reported to create history during his inauguration on January 21, 2013. He is going to take oath not on one Bible but a pair of Bibles – and the oath will neither be administered by a priest nor … Continue reading

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Rabbi: Snow ‘Salvation’ for Israeli Jews

Yesterday, occupied Palestine had its worse snow storm for 20 years. Upto 15 centimeters fell overnight forcing public transporation and schools to shut down. Four Palestinian died as result of hail, snow and heavy rain in Gaza and the West Bank. In the … Continue reading

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Jewish groups against Al-Jazeera coming to US

“I wish all Arab media were like Al-Jazeera,” – Gideon Ezra, former deputy head of Israeli General Security Service, quoted in ‘Foreign Policy (FP)’, July/August 2006 issue. Abraham Foxman, a Jewish supremacist head of Israel lobby group ADL in an … Continue reading

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Peres: ‘We should talk to Hamas’

Israeli president Shimon Peres dropped a bombshell on December 30, 2012 by telling a group of country’s ambassadors at his presidential palace that Netanyahu government should strive for resuming peace talks with Mahmoud Abbas without demanding PA to recognize Israel … Continue reading

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