Ron Paul: ‘Obama has opened a can of worms in Syria’

On June 17, 2013, Rep. Ron Paul posted an article, entitled ‘Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot like Bush’s Iraq Policy‘, saying that Barack Obama’s decision to supply arms to Syrian rebels “has opened an can of worms that will destroy his presidency and possibly destroy his country. Another multi-billiob dollars war has begun“.

After facing Jewish lobby groups’ vicious campaign against his bid for the 2012 presidential election nomination, Ron Paul avoided to mention that it’s the Zionist regime, which is pushing Obama, via pro-Israel US lawmakers to bring an anti-Iran-Hizbullah regime change in Damascus.

Rep. Ron Paul has claimed Barack Obama made the decision to arm the Syrian rebels long before the recent cooked-up accusations against Syrian army using sarin gas on western-funded rebels.

“The process is identical to the massive deception campaign that led us into the Iraq war. Remember the famous quote from the leaked “Downing Street Memo,” where representatives of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration discussed Washington’s push for war on Iraq. That is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing with Syria: fixing the intelligence and facts around the already determined policy. And Congress just goes along, just as they did the last time. We found out shortly after the Iraq war started that the facts and intelligence being fixed around the policy were nothing but lies put forth by the neo-con warmongers and the paid informants, like the infamous and admitted liar known as “Curveball.” But we seem to have learned nothing from being fooled before,” wrote Paul.

“So Obama now plans to send even more weapons to the Syrian rebels even though his administration is aware that the main rebel factions have pledged their loyalty to al-Qaeda. Does anyone else see the irony? After 12 years of the “war on terror” and the struggle against al-Qaeda, the US decided to provide weapons to the allies of al-Qaeda. Does anyone really think this is a good idea?,” added Paul.

Sadly, like tens of millions of Americans, Ron Paul, is also brainwashed when it comes to the Al-Qaeda myth created by the US-Israel to demonize and invade the Muslim world. Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook is on record for saying: “The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US“. Read more on the so-called Al-Qaeda, here.

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Nasrallah’s letter to Iran’s President-elect

On Saturday, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah congratulated Iran’s President-elect Hojatol Islam Hassan Rouhani.

We, Lebanon’s Hizbollah, with all the fighters and activists in this resisting country, congratulate you for deservedly gaining the greatest trust of this great nation, and for electing you as President of the blessed Islamic Republic, amid political, popular and historic epic unmatched in today’s world, which complied with the call of the holy Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei (long live), and achieved his dear wish,” wrote Nasrallah.

As this political epic, by your blessed election, revived hopes of the dear Iranian people towards all their aspirations, it also renewed the great hopes of all your friends, lovers and brothers in the Arab, Muslim and oppressed peoples who see that you are today the focus of hopes, and who have always found the Islamic Republic the savior for every tyrannized, the relief for every oppressed and the mainstay for every resistant and Mujahid for Allah’s sake,” added Nasrallah.

As we congratulate you, and ourselves too, this decent and wonderful election, we ask Allah Almighty, in all humility and supplication, to bless you, help you and make you able to meet all hopes through the government of  management and hope,” concluded Nasrallah.

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Loving Adolf Hitler

Hindus in India, no doubt, admire Adolf Hitler the most in the world. And they have good reasons for that. Hitler, like Hindu upper caste, believed in superiority of the White race (Aryan). Hitler, also supported Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s anti-British militia (Azad Hind Fauj). Indian have named stores and restaurants after Hitler – and Bollywood have produced movies and TV series in praise of Hitler. Read here and here. Even, India’s top anti-Muslim Hindu communal leader, Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray (died 2012), had shown his love for Hitler.

On June 13, 2013, British Jewish writer and blogger, Paul Eisen, reported that he fell in love with Hitler after reading Russell Stolfi’s revolutionary book, ‘Hitler: Beyond Evil & Tyranny’.

Readers may like to listen to Mark Weber’s and David Irving to understand Hitler beyond Israel and Zionist propaganda lies.

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Church of Scotland caves-in to Jewish Lobby

In May 2013, the Church of Scotland published a ten-page report entitled ‘The Inheritance of Abraham?‘ – which stated that the God of Bible could not have promised the Holy Land (Palestine) to Israelites, considering the way modern day Jews are treating native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. The British Jewish Lobby (Israeli ambassador, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities and the Council of Christians and Jews) could not digest this truth in the report. Thus, as result of its pressure, the Church of Scotland took off the report from its website – and later posted a watered-down version of the original report to please Christianity’s “Chosen Masters”. The revised report was approved by the General Assembly on May 24, without a whisper. Read the original report here.

Naim Ateek, a contemporary Christian thinker in Israel, describes the Jewish occupation of the Holy Land, as “the sole ambition of Zionists, Christians and Jews alike, has been the acquisition of (Arab) land for the Jewish people“. British Bishop Stephen Sizer’s latest book, Christian Zionism is worth reading especially for the “Christian Sheep”.

The Zionist Jews who claim that G-d promised them the Holy Land, are descendants of the Asiatic Khazars, not Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – according to Israeli Jewish scholars Dr. Shlomo Sand and Dr. Eran Elhaik.

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Kerry: Time is running out for Israel’s peaceful coexitence

On June 3, 2013, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, pleaded with the pro-Israel audience at American Jewish Committee’s annual confap. to apply all their influence upon Israeli government to accept a two-state solution to Israel-Palestinian conflict before it’s too late for Israel.

John Kerry who has Jewish family ties and whose nomination was unanimously approved by the Senate under Jewish lobby pressure – did pay some lip service to Palestinians’ right to establish a state of their own on the remaining 22% of their ancestral land. However, his entire speech revolved around the security and delegitimization of the Zionist entity.

Kerry warned American Jews that those believe the Israel-Palestinian status quo is sustainable and that the separation wall will bring security to Israel are “lulling themselves into a delusion”. He also told them the coming days will be crucial for both Israelis and Palestinians (meaning Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah in the occupied West Bank, as both the US and Israel don’t recognize Hamas government in Gaza) to agree upon Israel and a Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace.

Kerry warned that without a two-state solution, Israel will have to choose between its Jewish and democratic nature. He also stressed the need to recognize the fundamental aspirations of Palestinian people. Kerry also warned that Israel would be further isolated in the international arena if the standstill continues.

Many political aware people, however, claim the so-called two-state solution will never work because it’s against Israel’s expansion agenda.

A Palestinian state alongside Israel has never been further from reality than it’s today. Negotiations for a two-state have again capsized despite Palestinian coup regime’s (Abbas’refusal to call elections after his mandate ended in January 2009) pronounced wish to sell off Palestinians’ core right (return of Palestinian refugees to their ancestral land) in exchange for some measly Bantustan areas,” wrote Snorre Lindquist and Lasse Wilhelmson in March 2011.

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Syrian forces recapture strategic city of Qusayr

Early morning on June 5, Syrian forces retook control of the strategic city of Qusayr after flushing out western-armed rebels who had occupied the city for the last 12 months. It is a major setback to US-Israel efforts to bring an anti-Resistance (Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and Iraq) regime change in Damascus.

The rebel command admitted abandoning the city. According to some independent news reports, the Syrian army allowed the rebels to retreat to a nearby town of Dabaa.

The Israel-Firster US Sen. John McCain who recently sneaked into rebel strong-hold in Syria through Turkish-Syrian border, told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday: “We are seeing unfortunately a battlefield situation where Bashar Assad now has the upper hand.”

Commenting on the expected participation of the Syrian government delegation in the upcoming Geneva peace talks, McCain said, “Anyone that believes that Bashar Assad is going to go to a conference in Geneva when he is prevailing on the battlefield, it’s just ludicrous to assume that.”

During McCain’s meeting with Gen. Salim Idriss, leader of FSA’s “Supreme Military Council,” and other militant commanders, Idriss asked the US to supply the insurgent gangs with “heavy weapons, set up a no-fly zone in Syria and conduct airstrikes on Hezbollah,” the Islamic resistance movement in Lebanon, The Los Angeles Times reports on Tuesday.

Idriss further described McCain’s visit as “very useful,” and called on “the US government to take the decision to support” the militant gangs “with weapons and ammunition, antitank missiles and antiaircraft weapon.”

Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, supporters celebrated the liberation of city of Qusayr from the counter-Resistance Takfiri (Wahabi/Salafi) forces. Hizbullah students offered  some of their professors flowers to celebrate the event. 

Hizbullah supporters celebrate the liberation of Qusayr from the counter-Resistance Takfiri forces. Hizbullah students offered  some of their professors flowers to celebrate the event. 

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9/11: Israeli finger-prints all-over

Watch a 14-minutes video below which shows all the evidence needed to convince a rational person that Israeli Jews and their Zionist American-bedfellows committed 9/11.

As far the “neo-conservatives” being “Jewish” is concerned – Uri Avnery, veteran Israeli journalist, author and former 3-term member of Knesset, wrote on April 9, 2003: “Who are the (Iraq war) winners? They are the so-called neo-cons, or neo-conservatives. A compact group, almost all of whose members are Jewish. They hold the key positions in the Bush administration, as well as in the think-tanks that play an important role in formulating American policy and the ed-op pages of the influential newspapers“.

Read more articles on 9/11, here, here, and here.

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Joe Biden praises Jews, Fuels antisemitism

On May 21, speaking at a Jewish-American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee, the US vic-president Joe Biden, made a political wrong comment: “Think – behind all that, I bet you 85% of those changes, whether they’re in Hollywood or social media (same-sex marriages, Feminism, SPLC, NAACP, etc.), are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry“.

Jonathan Chait claimed at the New York Magazine that by praising Jews, Biden, accidentally thrilled the antisemites.

In September 2008, Joe Biden assured a group of Jewish voters that he wouldn’t have joined the Democratic ticket if he doubted presidential candidte Se. Barack Obama’s support for Israel.

Barack not only made that commitment to me, Barack has voted that commitment in his career in the United States Senate,” Biden told a meeting of the National Jewish Democratic Council.

The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage,” said Biden.

Joe Biden’s above remarks reminds me Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael’s documentary, ‘Jews and Judaism in the United States: a Documentary Work‘, which says: “Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. That shows one aspect of Biden’s Christian heritage.

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The ‘Drone Wars’ between Israel and Hizbullah

An Israeli Jewish blogger, Richard Silverstein, of Tikkun Olam has documented his thoughts over his recent posts embargoed by Israeli media. In the first, he discusses the Israeli advanced Shoval drone hacked and hijacked by either Iran or Hezbollah, then destroyed by Israel when it lost control. This is an escalation in the Cold War between Israel and Iran in the region. He also discusses the secret military-intelligence mission the Zionist regime opened in the past year in UAE in an ongoing attempt to build a Gulf “moderate crescent” anti-Iran alliance under the tutelage of Washington. Watch Richard’s video below.

I covered the “drone scoop” here.

BTW- Richard is a typical Jewish hypocrite. He criticizes the Zionist regime himself – but banned me on his blog for proving Israel to be a rich parasite state.

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Zionists’ Iran bashing

Anthony Lawson, is a gifted film-maker on political and social problems infesting the world in the modern time.

In histest vide (see Below), Lawson exposed the various Israel’s American poodles, pushing Barack Obama to declare war on Iran in order to keep Israel the only “bully” in the region.

Several of these warmongering anti-Muslim Zionists attended Israel Lobby (AIPAC) conference in Washington DC in March 2013. Addressing the conference, former Zionist defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak, pleaded to Obama administration to build a regional security framework to protect the Zionist entity from the new emerging Islamic power in the region lead by Iran.

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