Bachmann: ‘I will close US Embassy in Tehran’

The Republican Presidential hopeful, Israel-Firster Rep. Michele Bachmann, is a typical ignorant and bigot US politician.

Bachmann tells NBC News’ Jamie Novogrod that if she was US President, she would have closed US Embassy in Tehran. She was responding to the recent raiding of British embassy by Iranian protesters for London’s plan to attack Iran along with Israel.

The idiot doesn’t even know that US Embassy was closed down by the Islamic Revolutionary protesters in 1980 for being a nest of spies. They took 52 American staffers as political prisoners. The students occupying the Embassy building found countless documents proving that it was used by western and Israeli intelligence agencies to sabotage the Islamic Revolution.

Later, Canadian Ambassador in Iran, Kenneth Taylor (a CIA operative) smuggled six of those captive Americans on faked Canadian passports.

Tehran released the remaining American embassy staff in January 1981 after Washington and Tehran reached an accord including release of frozen Iranian assests (US$14 billion). However, after the American arrived to safety – Washington backed off on its release of Iranian money assets promise. Those Iranian assests could be more than US$30 billion by now. Later, Tehran handed over the bodies of eight American soldiers for burial in the US.

Last month, Bachmann had claimed that Iraqis owe US billions of dollars for ‘liberating them’ by murdering 1.5 million Iraqis including 500,000 children.

In September 2011 – Bachmann had claimed that Hizbullah has missile sites in Cuba which the Lebanese Islamists intends to use against Jewish targets in United States.

Islamic regime in Tehran broke off diplomatic relations with US in 1980. Since then, Swiss embassy in Tehran represents US interests while Pakistan embassy in Washington looks after Iranian interests in the US.

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2 Responses to Bachmann: ‘I will close US Embassy in Tehran’

  1. The author of this should be aware that the release of the US embassy hostages in Teheran was a deal done by the righr wing of the Republican system in the US, and happened hours after the hated Democrat Carter had lost the 1980 General Election. HW Bush negotiated the terms, it is said in Paris and Reagan slipped into office. Iran-Contra was set up at the same time and Shackley headed it up succeeded by a name wll known to CIA watchers. By 1988 the Republicans has tired of this game partly because Saddam Hussein the US’s tame dictator in place had started an ill-advised war against Iran andIran was “normalising” its relations with the US, with what they were before the Shah, i.e. bad. And Iran wanted the US the afford it some degree of regional autonomy, like getting out of the Gulf. The arrest of the US hostages was perhaps a fairly spontaneous action by hot-heded youung students and became equally used by the Iranian radicals and the US Republican right – i the US case to deny Carter his second term in office. There is no limit to which the Republicans will not go to consort with the “King’s enemies” for party advantage – it is rather like finding out there had been a plot in the late 1930s in Britain to keep Churchill out of office at Halifax in. But I must not strain the analogy. So VP Bush, who had seized effective power from RR because he had gone ga-ga arranged for the deliberate shooting down of IR655, intended to kill one Ahmad Beladi Behbehani who had been made head of the iranian end of Iran contra.

    This part of the story only became known in the Zeist trial in 2000 as ABB was driven into exile in Turkey having fallen out withe the new regme represented by Ahmedinejad, and threatened the collapse of the Lockerbie trial.

    Much is speculative but the author should gain a grasp on the real extent of the evil of US foreign policy.

    • rehmat2 says:

      Let me correct you ignorant of international law. Those Americans were not “hostages” but member of a great spy ring working for CIA, Mossad and MI6.

      When it comes to US political parties – they’re not “Right” or “Left” or even “Liberal” – they’re all Israel’s shoe lickers.

      As for US foreign policy is concerned – only some idiots believe that it’s run for the interests of Israel and multi-national fatcats, most of whom are Jewish. I suggest you try to listen to Rep. Ron Paul sometime.

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