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Ron Paul’s New Year Resolutions for Congress

Veteran US Congressman Ronald Earnest Paul (born 1935) who is retiring soon has come-up with New Year Resolutions for American Congress which he knows hiself – is controlled by the Jewish Lobby. I’m sure his resolutions will bring the Israeli hasbara hounds … Continue reading

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EU throws out Israeli NGO Monitor

In January 2010, Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor group had sued the European Union (EU) over funding of several Non-government Organizations (NGOs) in Israel which are critical of Zionist regime’s policies. The group is headed by an Arab-hating professor Gerald Steinberg (Bar … Continue reading

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Syrian rebel leader’s love for Israel

The armed Syrian opposition hosted lately Israeli Channel 2 on Syrian territories, and helped its reporter Itay Engel prepare a long report that included investigations, interviews, and footage shot in their camps and regions they took control over. A Syrian … Continue reading

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Top ten ‘Jew-hating’ events in 2012

American pro-Israel Jewish lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has just released its list of the following ten things which effected the Zionist Jews the most in 2012. 1. The antisemitism is resurging in Europe. 2. The sanctions against Iran are not working as desired by Israel. … Continue reading

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Another War For Israel

Obama administration knows for fact that Iran under Islamic regime poses no threat to US security even if Tehran acquire a couple of hundreds of crude nuclear bombs nor the rest of G5+1 stupid enough to fear Iran. It’s the Zionist-regime … Continue reading

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Jordanian King visits West Bank

On Thursday, Israelis allowed King Abdullah II to enter the West Bank via a helicopter. The western media termed King’s visit as an obvious support for the PA president Mahmoud Abbas, a US-Israeli double agent, victory at the United Nations. Mahmoud … Continue reading

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Brunon K: Poland’s Zionist Terrorist

On November 29, 2012, the US-based Jewish intelligence and forecasting agency ‘Stratfor’ published an analysis of the recent failed terrorist attack on Poland’s parliament by professor Brunon Kwiecien (Agricultural University in Krakow). The ‘Stratfor’ was established as a private intelligence … Continue reading

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