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US and Israel are like “husband and wife”

US military attache in Israel, Lt. Col. Rick Burgess in his farewell address reassures the reporter that the strained relations between the Obama administration and Israel’s government are like those of “husband and wife”. Lt. Col. Rick Burgess also confirmed … Continue reading

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Hizbullah ‘Theme Park’

Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, has opened its Theme Park, built to commemorate Resistance’s 2006 victory over Israel. Watch a video below. The park, since it opened its doors to visitors in August 2010 – has become Lebanon’s Disney Land. Since … Continue reading

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Top ‘2010 Oppressed People’ in Middle East

Muslims have been oppressed in many countries around the world – in countries where they’re minorities, under non-Muslim occupation or the local Muslim puppet rulers of the past western colonial powers. Muslims have been oppressed in former USSR republics, Chechnya, … Continue reading

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Israeli Espionage Network in United States

In August 2010 – former CIA counter-terrorism adviser, Philip Giraldi PhD, wrote an article titled Mossad in America in which he refuted the Jewish Lobby’s myth that Israeli intelligence agencies don’t spy on its greatest ally, the US. “The reality is … Continue reading

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Iranian filmmakers and Western moral train

If you google today – you will find hundreds of entries repeating the same text written by some Israeli Hasbara idiot. The news item relates to the sentencing of two Iranian filmmakers, Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasulov. According to Islamic … Continue reading

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“Israeli War Crimes” Bus Ads

During the heat of controversary over a building Cordova House, a Muslim community Center near the Ground Zero, a Zionist group called ‘Stop Islamization of America’ – paid for anti-Islam Bus Ads in July 2010, calling for people to Islam. … Continue reading

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Islamic, NOT Jewish ‘radicalization’ is problem

According to the New York Times (December 16, 2010) that Congressman Peter T. King of New York, who will become the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee,  is planning to open a Congressional inquiry into what he calls “the radicalization” of … Continue reading

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