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Those Israel hating French

“The international security crisis had been triggered by “that shitty little country Israel”. Why should we be in danger of world war three because of these people?,” French Jewish Ambassador to UK, Daniel Bernard, as quoted by Barbara Amiel, in … Continue reading

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Western colonists mourn their Libyan rebel hero

On Thursday, Qaddafi’s former interior minister Gen. Abdel Fattah Younes, who had earlier joined the western colonists’ war against Libya – was shot dead along with his two aids in rebels’ stronghold Benghazi. He was the commanding the anti-Qaddafi alliance, … Continue reading

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Bibi: ‘Can I apology in Turkish rather in Hebrew’

On Israel’s request – the Zionist-controlled United Nations has delayed its findings on Israeli commando attack on Gaza flotilta at international waters on May 31, 2010. The attack left nine Turkish aid workers dead and dozens of other workers injured. … Continue reading

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Iran’s nuclear bomb is aimed at Saudia, not Israel

I bet Benji Netanyahu and Gen. Ehud Barak must have been relieved to learn that Dr Guido Steinberg, a German strategic expert, claimed on Tuesday that the Iran’s nuclear program is targeting not the Zionist entity but pro-US Arab countries … Continue reading

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Mossad in New Zealand

Every time the Zionist-controlled mass media tries to cover some Israeli crimes – I naturally get suspicious. To cite a few of media-protected stories like Holocaust and Sept. 11. In February 2011, a severe earthquake hit Christchurch where, according to … Continue reading

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Mossad in Karachi

As the old saying goes:”No one konws a crook better than another crook”. Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik is welknown for his connections with CIA, Israeli Mossad and India’s RAW. Malik belongs to non-Muslim Qadiani sect whose members are helping … Continue reading

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China beats US as World Superpower

Results of a latest poll conducted by Pew Research Center released on July 13, 2011 did not bring good news for Obama administration. Obama administration’s image amongst most of countries in African, Middle East, South America and Asia has already … Continue reading

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