Church of Scotland caves-in to Jewish Lobby

In May 2013, the Church of Scotland published a ten-page report entitled ‘The Inheritance of Abraham?‘ – which stated that the God of Bible could not have promised the Holy Land (Palestine) to Israelites, considering the way modern day Jews are treating native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. The British Jewish Lobby (Israeli ambassador, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities and the Council of Christians and Jews) could not digest this truth in the report. Thus, as result of its pressure, the Church of Scotland took off the report from its website – and later posted a watered-down version of the original report to please Christianity’s “Chosen Masters”. The revised report was approved by the General Assembly on May 24, without a whisper. Read the original report here.

Naim Ateek, a contemporary Christian thinker in Israel, describes the Jewish occupation of the Holy Land, as “the sole ambition of Zionists, Christians and Jews alike, has been the acquisition of (Arab) land for the Jewish people“. British Bishop Stephen Sizer’s latest book, Christian Zionism is worth reading especially for the “Christian Sheep”.

The Zionist Jews who claim that G-d promised them the Holy Land, are descendants of the Asiatic Khazars, not Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – according to Israeli Jewish scholars Dr. Shlomo Sand and Dr. Eran Elhaik.

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