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‘Museum on the Seam’: We are all terrorists

The Jerusalem-based ‘Museum on the Seam (peace)’, like the rest of the Jewish museums in the West, is part of Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) outlet to distort the Arab and Muslim history and keep the western guilty conscience alive about the … Continue reading

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Baroness Tonge applauds Hamas

Former British Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP), Baroness Jenny Tonge says that Palestinian people consider Islamic Resistance Hamas as the only organization in the occupied territiries in which they could have confidence. “It is necessary for the international community … Continue reading

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King George VI under Zionazi smear campaign

Calling others to be ‘Jew hater’ or ‘pro-Nazi’ is not news when it comes to the Zionist thugs whose Jewish ancestors not only collaborated with Nazis but even took part in the Nazi Army. Like the Mufti of Al-Quds and … Continue reading

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Hizbullah 3; Israel 0

Lebanese Christian President Gen. Michel Suleiman has appointed Hizbullah-led Opposition party nominee, former Prime Minister Najib Mikati (an independent Sunni Muslim politician) to be the new Prime Minister of Lebanon. Najib Mikati, like the former Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri – … Continue reading

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Holocaust – Learning through porn to cats!

The Zionist mafia has no shame in marketing their “Six Million Died” narrative of the Jewish genocide at the hands of Judeo-Christian Nazis. They have used propaganda Hollywood movies (over 78 of them) and even porn to keep their political … Continue reading

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Quebec Muslim MNA under attack from Israel Lobby

“In Canada today, to criticize Israel is a very dangerous thing,” – Kathy Wazana Canadian Jewish filmaker. On December18, 2010, Quebec Provincial member of parliament MNA Dr. Amir Khadir attended a protest outside Boutique Le Marcheur, a Montreal shoe store … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband: A “Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening” leader!

Last year, Edward Samuel (Ed) Miliband defeated his elder brother David Miliband, the former ‘Israel-First’ Foreign Secretary in Zionist Gordon Brown’s British government and became the leader of the Opposition Labour party. Ed was hailed by the the Jewish media … Continue reading

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