Nasrallah’s letter to Iran’s President-elect

On Saturday, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah congratulated Iran’s President-elect Hojatol Islam Hassan Rouhani.

We, Lebanon’s Hizbollah, with all the fighters and activists in this resisting country, congratulate you for deservedly gaining the greatest trust of this great nation, and for electing you as President of the blessed Islamic Republic, amid political, popular and historic epic unmatched in today’s world, which complied with the call of the holy Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei (long live), and achieved his dear wish,” wrote Nasrallah.

As this political epic, by your blessed election, revived hopes of the dear Iranian people towards all their aspirations, it also renewed the great hopes of all your friends, lovers and brothers in the Arab, Muslim and oppressed peoples who see that you are today the focus of hopes, and who have always found the Islamic Republic the savior for every tyrannized, the relief for every oppressed and the mainstay for every resistant and Mujahid for Allah’s sake,” added Nasrallah.

As we congratulate you, and ourselves too, this decent and wonderful election, we ask Allah Almighty, in all humility and supplication, to bless you, help you and make you able to meet all hopes through the government of  management and hope,” concluded Nasrallah.

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