Baghdad to close-down anti-Iran terrorist camp

On Tuesday, the spokesperson of the Iraqi defense ministry, General Mohammed al-Askari, said that the three former members of Iran’s anti-Islamic-regime terrorist organization, Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MKO), escaped from Camp Ashraf, the terrorist group’s headquarters in Iraq, and surrendered to the Iraqi security forces.

The MKO was created to destablize the Islamic Revolution (1979) from within Iran. The terrorist group has been suppoerted by Saddam Hussein, Israelis, Americans, French and several other anti-Islamic regime groups (watch a video below).

On 28 June, 1981, MKO terrorists bombed a powerful bombed the headquarters of the Islamic Republic Party of Iran in which 72 governmental officials, the members of parliament and the then Judiciary chief Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti were killed. Mohammadreza Kolahi, one of the low-ranking members of the MKO carried out the explosion project and immediately escaped to France without being extradited to Iran to be tried.

After the occupation of Iraq by US and its allied forces, MKO was allowed to maintain its military training at Camp Ashraf, named after Princess Ashraf, the King Reza Shah’s twin sister, a once-sinister figure known as Iran’s “black panther”. Al-Maliki government in Baghdad had promised to shut-down the camp in the past as result of protests from Tehran but failed to do so under Washington’s (aka Jewish Lobby) pressure.

The official said that the defected members have provided the Iraqi government with the evidence required to shut down the camp according to the international laws.

The former members of the terrorist group say the residents of Camp Ashraf are completely cut off from the outside world, and are tortured and traumatized, but are also afraid to escape.

Having lived in misery and under pressure for many years, Maryam Sanjabi, one of the MKO deserters, surrendered herself to the Iraqi forces deployed near the camp last week.

“None of the residents of Camp Ashraf have the right to contact their families… The only thing that can separate a member from the MKO is death,” she said.

“The leaders of the camp have spent millions of dollars to train the residents of the camp how to launch attacks and even encounter the Iraqi security forces,” Sanjabi added.

Another former MKO member, Abdullatif Shadvari, who escaped from the camp two months ago, earlier said, “The punishment of those who try to escape from Camp Ashraf… is execution.”

On April 8, 34 people were reportedly killed in clashes between Iraqi security forces and MKO members residing in Camp Ashraf in Diyala province.

Iraqi forces say there is evidence that the people have been killed by the organization itself.

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