Mossad in New Zealand

Every time the Zionist-controlled mass media tries to cover some Israeli crimes – I naturally get suspicious. To cite a few of media-protected stories like Holocaust and Sept. 11.

In February 2011, a severe earthquake hit Christchurch where, according to Israeli daily Ha’aretz, 120 Israeli Jews lived. Three of Israelis were found dead while one of them, Ofer Benyamin Mizrahi, had five passports in his pockets. The earthquake reportedly killed 181 people.

Mizrahi along with three other Israelis, one man and two women, were sitting inside a vane which was crushed by falling pillar, killing Mizrahi. However, the other three Israeli Jews survived, took some photographs of the vane – and hurriedly departed to Israel. Reminds those five Israeli photographing the falling Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 while dancing, doesn’t it?

New Zealand authorities later confronted an “unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad” and removed it from the sealed-off area in the city, the Times said. This squad was one of two private search parties brought from Israel to New Zealand, without prior coordination with local authorities in New Zealand, Haaretz reported. Reminds me AMIA bombing in Argentina.

Now, New Zealand’s prime minister John Key who is on visit to the US – with some hesitation has declared that those Israeli Jews were not found to be involved in espionage in his country. This news was carried out by NYT, Huffington Post and other Zioncon media outlets.

John Key’s mother was an Austrian Jew. That adds some sweatener to the story.

Mossad agents are known for stealing or using forged passports of New Zealand, Canada, Britain and several other countries. In 2004, two Mossad agents were jailed in New Zealand and as a result country’s prime minister Helen Clark had angrily denounced Israel and imposed diplomatic sanctions on it (Guardian UK, July 16, 2004).

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