Iran’s nuclear bomb is aimed at Saudia, not Israel

I bet Benji Netanyahu and Gen. Ehud Barak must have been relieved to learn that Dr Guido Steinberg, a German strategic expert, claimed on Tuesday that the Iran’s nuclear program is targeting not the Zionist entity but pro-US Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. Steinberg who is the Jewish scholar of Islamic studies and is considered an ‘expert’ on Middle East affairs. The dude works for Ziocon think tank ‘German Institute for International and Security Affairs’ in Berlin. Germany is very fertile land for Iranophobia under Israel-Firster Chancellor Angela Markel.

The Zionist media lies mill picked-up from there and claimed that Pakistani President Asif Zardari is carrying-out a shuttle diplomacy between Tehran and Riyadh to bring peace between two Middle Eastern giants.

Commenting on this latest Ziocon propaganda, Mohammad Ibrahim Taherian, former Iranian ambassador in Islamabdad said that Islamabad and the ruling party does not have the capability or the position to mediate between Iran and any other country, due to the fact that it is considered a failed state.

Ibrahim explained that Zardari’s two trips in a month were mainly aimed at improving ties between Tehran and Islamabad according to the capacities available. However, since improving these ties requires a solid infrastructure in the energy, economic or political sectors; meetings which were held during the anti-terrorism conference were mainly based on improving these infrastructures and further developing the relations.

It seems that these trip were looked upon by Islamabad as a tool, since according to confirmed news Washington is cutting a third of its aid to Islamabad. Iran is a country with plenty of economic opportunities in the energy sector, it is near international waters, and is considered an influential country in regional issues. It is hoped that Pakistan looks at Iran through the geopolitical capacities mentioned above. In that case Iran could help improve the economic, security, and social problems facing Pakistan– a country with many problems. Therefore it can be said that this trip could be both hopeful and could also be a sign that Pakistan only looks at Iran as a tool.

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