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US: ‘Lebanese need to study Jewish Holocaust’

“We respect Judaism, just as we respect Christianity. Our only problem is with Israel,” Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah. Lebanese who have been victim of two Holocausts at the hands of Jewish army, are being advised to add Jewish Holocaust in their … Continue reading

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Hitler and secrets of his last days

Recently, I came across a book by H.D. Baumann, entitled ‘Hitler’s Fate: The Final Story’ which proves that like Osama Bin Laden’s faked death two months ago – Hitler did not commit suicide. Baumann, a survivor of World War II … Continue reading

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Malaysia faces its ‘Arab Spring’

Today, some 50,000 demostraters took to streets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were demanding changes into country’s current election laws to be more fairer and transparent before national polls expected in 2012. Media has reported that 1400 protesters have been … Continue reading

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US: ‘Thou shalt not transfer technology to Iran’

Last week, a United State federal court indicted Nader Modanlo 50, an Iranian-born American entrepreneur for helping Tehran in its satellite program. The indictment coincided with Tehran’s announcement that it plans to send a satellite carrying one alive monkey into … Continue reading

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Israel: ‘Why Swiss hate us?’

Swiss celebrate their Independence Day on August first each year. However, this year the celebration event has taken a ‘political wrong’ turn. A Geneva-based anti-Israel group, the GNC, has put an advertisement in a local newspaper featuring a doll of … Continue reading

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