Sen. Rand Paul: ‘No war against Iran for Israel’

Yesterday, US Senate freshman and son of Rep. Ron Paul – Senator Rand Paul, formally blocked a bill which would have brought Washington closer to war with Iran and Syria – pushed by Israel-Firster lawmakers in all three US political parties. Sen. Rand Paul represents the Tea Party in the Senate.

The legislation, which had the backing of many Democratic and Republican Senators, focused on foreign banks that handle transactions for Iran’s national oil and tanker companies, and included a host of measures aimed to close loopholes in existing sanctions.

“These sanctions are a key tool as we work to stop (Iran) from obtaining a nuclear weapon, threatening Israel and ultimately jeopardizing U.S. national security,” Majority leader Harry Reid said earlier on Tuesday. Reed’s wife Landra Gould was born into a Jewish family.

Rand Paul blocked the passage of the bill when Sen. Reed refused to add his one-sentence amendment to the bill that would ensure the bill could not later be construed as congressional permission for a war in Syria or Iran.

Paul’s amendment reads: “To clarify that nothing in the Act shall be construed as a declaration of war or an authorization of the use of force against Iran or Syria.”

In justifying his demand for the addition, Paul recalled the war drums beat by senators including John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in the lead-up to President Obama’s unilateral decision to participate in NATO’s war on Libya, and suggested there are several members of the Senate who are now itching to begin a new conflict abroad.

Many in this body cannot get boots on ground fast enough in a variety of places, from Syria to Libya to Iran,” said Paul. “I urge that we not begin a new war without a full debate, without a vote, without careful consideration of the ramifications of a third or even a fourth war in this past decade.”

Even after 31-year of Western sanctions, independent international economic reports indicate that Iranian have more disposable income than ever before, and are enjoying the modern amenities of life, such as housing (63%), education (78%), medicare (70%), automobile (37%) and mobile phone (88%). they, are however, spending more than their income, probably as a result of rising inflation, with least saving.

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  1. this is actually the second time i go through the blog, great article as always! thanks!

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