Clooney’s satellite over Sudan spies for Israel

Nathaniel Raymond is director of George Clooney’s the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP, who is not ashamed to admit his job description: “I count Sudanese tanks from space for George Clooney.

The satellite surveillance of southern Sudan went live on December 30, 2010. According to TIME magazine (December 28, 2010), the Satellite Sentinel Project – a joint experiment by the UN’s Operational Satellite Applications Programme, Harvard University, the Enough Project and Clooney’s posse of Hollywood funders – will hire private satellites to monitor troop movements starting with the oil-rich region of Abyei.

The collection of satellite imagery were devised by Jewish Trellon and Google. The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative run by Jennifer Leaning and Michael Van Rooyen will be in charge of deciphering them, while the Enough Project headed by Gayle Smith and John Prendergast (who formerly steered the South Sudan separation project within the US National Security Council) will supply the political analysis.

The campaign against the government in Khartoum run by organizations like ‘Save Darfur’, ‘Not On Our Watch’, etc. are loaded by pro-Israel Jews and Christians. Israeli media has admitted that the ‘Save Darfur’ organization is a brain-child of 15 Jewish organizations in America which wants to save the lives of Christians (5%) and Pagans (20%) in Southern Sudan but not the victims of their fellow Jews in Palestine, seven million of whom are forced to live in refugee camps or as immigrants in foreign lands. Furthermore, funds (US$50 million) from the ‘Save Darfur’ have already been used to to settle foreign Jews on Arab lands in occupied Palestine.

Both Clooney and John Prendergast, another Zionist Israeli poodle, have sneaked repeatedly into the country to stir up propaganda lies over Khartoum’s bombing of civilians and other atrocities. However, neither of these two Zionist idiots ever tried to monitor Jewish human rights violations against Muslim and Christian Native Palestinians.

Last week, George Clooney along with two anti-Christ Zionist Rabbis, was arrested for participating in an illegal protest in front of Sudanese embassy in Washington DC.

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