Top ‘2010 Oppressed People’ in Middle East

Muslims have been oppressed in many countries around the world – in countries where they’re minorities, under non-Muslim occupation or the local Muslim puppet rulers of the past western colonial powers. Muslims have been oppressed in former USSR republics, Chechnya, Chinese Turkistan, Nigeria, Philippines, Bosnia, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Greece, Israel, France, Germany, etc.

Rannie Amiri, an independent writer on Middle East and Islamic world. On Christmas Eve, he published his list of top oppressed Mideasten people. The 1.5 million native Muslim and Christian Palestinians trapped inside the tiny Gaza Strip, top his list. Gazan are followed by Egyptians, Iraqis and the Shia minorities in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bahrain.

Somehow, Rannie Amiri, forgot to include the people of Lebanon who have been a target of the US-Israel-France ‘axis of evil’ for decades and could become the victims of Israeli carpet bombing after the anti-Hizbullah verdict by the US-sponsored STL.

Below is Rannie Amiri’s list.

Occupied Palestine – The Palestinians in Gaza, desperate to let the world know that nearly two years after the end of 2008-2009 war, the cruel embargo on the territory persists; the seige of air, land and Sea continues; and the impoverished population is still held captive in their land.

Bahrain – The Bahraini Shais, the island’s indigent and marginalized majority, ruled by (British-created) the wealthy Sunni Al-Khalifa royal family who routinely orders an imported security service to round-up and torture democracy and human-rights advocates. Excluded from government, the public sector and law enforcement by overt sectarian discrimination, they have risked life and limb to protest their disenfranchised state.

Egypt – The Egyptians, who have suffocated under a repressive US-backed regime that has governed by Emergency Law for 30 years and stifled the (Islamists’) freedom of expression, assembly and press. The inability to replace their parliamentary representatives by a fair ballot this year makes voting a cruel reminder that the ‘status quo’ is the only candidate ever up for election.

Iraq – The Iraqis, who endured seven years of occupation and a daily hours of electricity under a blistering summer sun (same goes for Pakistan) as unrelenting as the explosions, bombings, and suicide attacks that wracked cities and killed thousands. The simple will to stroll on neighborhood streets, take a trip to market, drop children off at school or attend Friday prayers are testament to bravery that should put Iraqi politicians interested in retaining power to shame.

Saudi Arabia – The Saudi Ismaili, Shia and Sufi Muslims, harassed, arrested and jailed for practicing their religion or demanding the rights to do so. The doors of their mosques have been sealed shut by the Interior Ministry as has the potential for civic and socioeconomic advancement. They are the “apostates” denied basic dignities enjoyed by other citizen.

Yemen – The Yemenis of Saada (Shia majority) governorate, who became the malnourished “internally displaced” refugees caught in the country’s long civil war (created for Israeli interests). Pummpeled by Saudi airstrikes to the north and shelled by Yemen’s Army from the south, they suffered famine and destruction in a humanitarian catastrophe ignored by the world.

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