US and Israel are like “husband and wife”

US military attache in Israel, Lt. Col. Rick Burgess in his farewell address reassures the reporter that the strained relations between the Obama administration and Israel’s government are like those of “husband and wife”.

Lt. Col. Rick Burgess also confirmed who rules United States in the real sense. He called Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad to Adolph Hitler and claimed that Israel and the world were now facing a time like the 1930s when the Nazis came to power.

“Ahmadinejad returns us to a scenario of the little guy with the moustache of the 1930s”.

I bet, in order to please his Zionist masters – Burgess ignored the fact that it were 150,000 German Jews who served in the Nazi Army and not the Iranians.

Burgess also said that the Wikileaks have proved that Israeli allegations against Iran were true. They got to be, because Wikileaks happens to be an Israeli project.

Richard Silverstein wrote on this topic as follows:

According to his appraisal, Iran was the most important subject he faced during his 18-month tenure as military attaché.  He dealt with it from his first day on the job until the day of his interview.  Nothing was more important.  Gee, it makes you wonder what this guy’s priorities were and it also indicates why U.S. policy is so screwed up.  Israel and the U.S. are, in Burgess’ view, in the same boat regarding Iran’s nuclear threat and it’s only natural that they collaborate the danger it poses, as they have in other military matters.  It’s the reason we share intelligence as well, he says, though he won’t go into which material or how much is shared.  To the interviewer’s question whether “our friends in the U.S.” would decide to assist us if we attack Iran or prefer not to open a second front against her, Burgess demurred with the conventional “all options remain open.”  This would include, according to the attaché:

“Active defensive measures on the part of Israel and the U.S.  Israel has the right to defend itself.  And if Israel and the U.S. decide that this is the best way to protect Israel or the region in general, it [Israel] will do so [attack Iran]…It’s a frightening thought that Iran wants to be a world power and leader of the Islamic world and everything it does points in those directions”.

Interesting that a discussion of attacking Iran invokes the notion that this somehow contains an element of self-defense  on Israel’s and America’s part.  The notion that Iran seeks to be a world power is laughable though of course it legitimately seeks to play a role in the Islamic world.  But the notion that this is an urge on Iran’s part that must be checked by an assault on that country is passing strange.

Regarding comparing Ahmadinejad with Hitler, I reply, the world cannot afford to entertain Israel’s delusions that events from history are repeating themselves.  This is a problem of Israeli psychopathology for which it needs treatment, not the enabling of friends (or “wives”) like the United States and its military attaches.  I for one abhor Israel’s misuse of Jewish history in this fashion.  One tenet of Jewish philosophy I learned in my college Judaica courses was that the Holocaust was sui generis, in other words it was a unique historical event having no parallel.  While subsequent contemporary historical events in Rwanda, Cambodia and elsewhere have proven this claim wrong; what IS true is that there is no historical parallel in modern Jewish life for the Holocaust.  Iran is not Nazi Germany, today in not the 1930s, Ahmadinejad is not Hitler.  And anyone who makes such spurious claims does so for purely partisan political interests and does a grievous injustice to the real suffering of Jewish victims of that era.

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