South Sudanese forces defeated in Heglig

US-supported South Sudanese forces abandoned disputed oil-rich Heglig region – leaving over 1200 South Sudanese soldiers dead.

“The numbers of killed from SPLM are 1,200,” Kamal Marouf, the Sudanese armed forces commander said during an address to thousands of troops in the area, on Monday.

The toll is impossible to verify but an AFP correspondent who accompanied Marouf said the putrid bodies of dead South Sudanese soldiers lay beneath trees which are scattered about the area.

He said the number of bodies was so large they were “uncountable.” Corpses bore the South Sudanese flag on their uniforms.

From the main road, destroyed oil company vehicles could be seen. There were no civilians visible, only Sudanese soldiers on patrol.

The correspondent also reported that the main oil processing facility in Heglig was heavily damaged.

South Sudan invaded and occupied the oil field on April 10, in a move that prompted waves of airstrikes against its territory.

In the aftermath of the defeat – South Sudanses government is seeking Chinese government’s help to pipe oil supply via a new route bypassing Heglig region.

Last week, Sudan’s President Omer Al-Bashir pledged to liberate Heglig region from pro-Israeli SPLM regime.

Muslim majority (70%) Sudan has long been under Zionist entity’s radar due to its startegic location along Nile waterway and Khartoum’s close relation with Tehran. Washington’s policy against Sudan is controlled by country’s powerful Jewish lobby groups.

Last month, several pro-Israel rabbis, Jewish activists and their local and South Sudanese Zionist Christian collaborators, held a protest rally at the Sudanese embassy in Washington DC. They raised anti-Khartoum slogans and rants. When the police told them to leave the embassy scene – the ‘chosen ones’ like their Zionist leaders in Israel – refused to obey the law.

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One Response to South Sudanese forces defeated in Heglig

  1. Naeem says:

    Brother rehmat the timing is not a coincidence, i believe the satanic state wants to attack egypt as soon as possible. Right now libya is under their control suleiman has just come out and said israel might re take the sinai and now we have a israeli firster lindsey graham crying about dead babies in south sudan. In the past egypt used sudan has a logistics support base so its in israel favour to circle egypt like thay have doing to iran for these past years. Also remember during the 73 war israel was blocked from entering the red sea and on to the gulf of aden.

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