Hizbullah 3; Israel 0

Lebanese Christian President Gen. Michel Suleiman has appointed Hizbullah-led Opposition party nominee, former Prime Minister Najib Mikati (an independent Sunni Muslim politician) to be the new Prime Minister of Lebanon. Najib Mikati, like the former Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri – is a Lebanese billionaire.

As expected, the US-Israel-French axis of evil brought out anti-Hizbullah Christian and Sunni protesters in the streets of Beirut who went on rampage, burning tires and destroying an Al-Jazeera van before setting it on fire. This time the protest codename is not ‘Cedar Revolution’ against Syrian forces in Lebanon – but “Day of Rage” against Hizbullah’s third victory against Israel – though political and not military.

In Election 2009 Hizbullah-led bloc had received the majority vote (53.4%) as compared to Hariri bloc (43.4). What is rather unusual about (if not entirely unique to) Lebanon’s 2009 polls is that a political coalition won a legislative majority in spite of an opposing coalition handily winning the popular vote (in Turkey and Japan, the legislative victor had the largest popular vote total of any one coalition). However, it bears mentioning that the electoral system responsible for this inequitable seat allocation was accepted by all major political parties before the vote. It might just as well have been the opposition that benefited from this deficiency.

Therefore, what was denied to Hizbullah in 2009 by the Western Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOCs) – It recovered that in a bloodless democratic coup. Now, we have to see what the ‘Friends of Israel’ have in their litter bag.

Islamic Resistance inflicted first military humiliation upon Israel when it had to withdraw from Israel-Phalangist occupied Southern part of Lebanon in 2000. Israel met it first defeat in its history and its second military humiliation at the hands of Hizbullah fighters in 34-day war in Summer 2006.

Druze leader Jumblatt has warned Sa’ad Hariri to pull back his supporters from the streets before it is too late for the both sides.

Hizbullah has asked the new Prime Minister Najib Mikati to form a unity government.

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