‘Freedom of Speech’ – Iran vs US

Everyday, we hear the so-called ‘the crucification’ of Freedom of Speech under Ayatullahs’ rule in the Islamic Republic from Ben Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Bolton, Gates, Sarkozy, Angela Markel, David Cameron and every ‘Islamophobe’ who wishes to get his./her name register in the ‘Friends of Israel’ log. On the other, we hear almost every other day journalists, academic and priests being fired from their jobs or ‘caged-in’  – not for criticizing the US government but a foreign government (Israel).

Kaukab Siddique PhD is a Associate Professor of English at the Licoln University and author of several books. During his speech at the al-Quds rally in Washington DC (watch the video below) – he blasted the Zionist-regime for its barbaric treatment of native Muslims and Christian. Like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad PhD’s 2005 speech – his speech, too, was distorted by the Jewish Lobby as calling for the destruction of Israel and new holocaust of Jewish people. Some Zionfacist even demanded that Dr. Siddique be fired from his job immediately.

A concerned American citizen, Erick Stakelbeck. CBN News Terrorism Analyst – wrote to Dr. Siddique for the clarification of his views on Jews and Israel. Dr. Siddique responded as follows:

In your email, you asked: “How did you come to these views?” (regarding Israel), and stated you would like to give me the opportunity to respond to the charges that I am anti-Semitic. You also questioned me on how my views might conflict with my role as an Associate Professor at Lincoln University.

First of all, it’s important to understand that I am not speaking out against the Jewish people as a race. In my Al-Quds Day speech, and in all my writing and speaking, when I refer critically to the “Jews” I am referring to the current leadership of the ‘state of Israel’ and to their major supporters, not to the Jewish race as a whole. Most of my readers and listeners understand this; if it was taken to mean otherwise, then I offer my apologies to those I have offended. (I’m quite certain that it is this type of misunderstanding and/or miscommunication that has brought about the occasional charge of my being anti-Semitic).

 I am not anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism by definition is: “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”. I am certainly not hostile to, nor do I discriminate against the Jewish people because of their lineage. I am in no way a racist; my history, actions, my friends and my acquaintances can all testify to this fact; to the contrary, I have actually dedicated much of my life and efforts to fighting against racism because Islam teaches against racism and promotes only those who do good acts .

There is absolutely no place in a Muslim’s life for racism and I am thankful to God that it has never dwelled in mine

Secondly, I do not discriminate against those who follow the Jewish religion. One must not confuse my rebuke of a Jewish person’s behavior with discrimination against the religion they claim to follow. I do not discriminate against Judaism at all…I do, however, thanks be to God, sternly speak-out against the current behavior of the Jews who are governing the “state of Israel” and all of the ones who support their current behaviors.

If speaking out against evil or wrong Jewish behavior was anti-Semitic, then Jesus, all of his disciples, the Apostle Paul, and all the righteous men of the New Testament would be anti-Semitic, for they sternly spoke out against the Jews. But these men were not anti-Semitic, were they? They were righteous and holy men who were confronting evil and injustice, just as the Spirit from God led them to do. Did that make them anti-Semitic or did that make them obedient and in submission to the Almighty God? I believe it made them obedient and in submission to God. Their words to the Jews were often harsh and painful, but that did not make these men evil; it merely proved they opposed evil. There is a huge difference.

The entire bible is filled with stern warnings for the Jewish people; Jesus and the righteous men of the New Testament reserved their harshest words for the Jewish people. Jesus repeatedly calls the Jewish leaders “snakes” and “broods of vipers”, and in John 8:44 he called them sons of the Devil. In Acts 7, Stephen called the Jews “stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears”, saying the Jews have always resisted the Holy Spirit, and describes the Jews as being a people who, like their fathers, persecute God’s prophets.

Were Jesus, Paul, Stephen, Peter, John, and all of the other followers of The Way (may peace and blessings be upon them all) anti-Semitic for saying harsh things about (and to) the Jews? Of course not. They did not hate the entire Jewish race because of the actions of the then-current Jewish leadership, nor do I hate the entire Jewish race because of the actions of the now-current Jewish leadership and their supporters. Those men hated the evil acts of the Jews, and it was this holy hatred that led them to boldly and courageously stand-up to the Jewish leadership, rebuking them in the name of God, and pointing out their evil deeds. They did this not only for the sake, love, and protection of the oppressed; they did it for the sake of the Jewish leadership’s souls. They confronted them – often harshly – in an attempt to wake them up and lead them to repentance, and with the help of God, I will continue to do my best at doing the same.

So again, no I do not hate the Jewish people because of their Jewish lineage; I hate the actions of the current Jewish leadership.

As for your question about whether my views conflict with my position at Lincoln University, I say No, I do not believe that my fight and speaking out against oppression, segregation, racism, murder, destruction, theft, greed, rape, and all of the other evils that are being committed by “Israel” conflicts with my position at Lincoln University. Moreover, and more importantly, I believe that my speaking out against these evils and speaking out on behalf of the oppressed actually conforms to the ideals and principles that founded Lincoln University, and thanks be to God, these ideals and principles still flow through the veins of the Lincoln University Administration and Faculty.

As you may know, Lincoln University was established in 1854 as the nation’s first Historically Black College-University, and is nationally recognized for producing great African American leaders such as Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall and poet Langston Hughes.

Lincoln University has always served the segment of American society that has been victimized by the same type of “superior” attitude that currently reigns in the hearts and minds of the ‘Israeli’ leadership. The black community in America has experienced segregation, hatred, rape, murder, injustice, race-based wars and fighting, theft, discrimination, and many more of the evils that the Palestinians are currently experiencing, and African American’s certainly remember whose hands committed these crimes against them….they remember it was a ‘race’ of people who firmly believed they were better than the black man, a race of people who thought God had exalted them above other races, and a race of people who thought they had been ‘chosen’ to be the leaders of society, and the African American community remembers what helped them get-out from underneath this type of oppression (and it wasn’t quietness and meek submission to authority). Rather, it was bold rebellion coupled with reasonable speech (to the reasonable listeners); it was marching and shouting and demanding justice and impartiality that helped them to become free, and I firmly believe that quietness and gentleness will not set the Palestinians free either. Unfortunately when you are dealing with heavy-handed, hard-hearted, superior-minded people, if often takes a little more than quiet, reasonable talk to obtain justice .

Mr. Stakelbeck, good luck to you in your Christian walk. I pray God guides you into all Truth, and keeps your eyes focused on the task given to you by Jesus, and that He keeps your feet from slipping into the disobedience so many Christians have fallen into. I know you probably do not believe Islam is of God and you likely see Muslims as your enemy, but please don’t allow your hatred for Islam and for Muslims cause you to stumble into the disobedience that so much of the Christian community has stumbled into .

 Philadelphia state Sens. Vincent Hughes and Anthony Williams along with a dozen Pennsylvania State legislatures have criticized Dr. Siddique for his remarks about Israel and Zionism claiming that he is a ‘Jew hater’.

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