The ‘Drone Wars’ between Israel and Hizbullah

An Israeli Jewish blogger, Richard Silverstein, of Tikkun Olam has documented his thoughts over his recent posts embargoed by Israeli media. In the first, he discusses the Israeli advanced Shoval drone hacked and hijacked by either Iran or Hezbollah, then destroyed by Israel when it lost control. This is an escalation in the Cold War between Israel and Iran in the region. He also discusses the secret military-intelligence mission the Zionist regime opened in the past year in UAE in an ongoing attempt to build a Gulf “moderate crescent” anti-Iran alliance under the tutelage of Washington. Watch Richard’s video below.

I covered the “drone scoop” here.

BTW- Richard is a typical Jewish hypocrite. He criticizes the Zionist regime himself – but banned me on his blog for proving Israel to be a rich parasite state.

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