Irish TV host refuses to apologize for calling Israel “cancer”

Ireland-Flag-64[1]The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has ordered Irish TV channel TV3 to apologize on air within three weeks for allowing its presenter Vincent Browne for insulting Israel by calling it “the cancer in foreign affairs”.

Vincent Browne is a British journalist and host of TV3 show, ‘Tonight with Vincent Browne’. On October 23, 2012, Vincent Browne said on his show: “Israel polarize the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world“, and that the creation of Israel was a “massive injustice – the Jews stole the land from Arabs – and “Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs“.

Paul Rossiter, an Israeli lobbyist had submitted a complaint to BAI against Vincent Browne and the TV3 last year.

Browne has refused to apologize for his remarks though he agreed that using the word “cancer” for Israel, was not appropriate. However, he insisted that to criticize the creation of Israel and its behavior toward Arabs, Muslims and the international community – is not same as criticism of Jewish community.

Michael Devolin, who claims to be an Irish-Canadian and worked as bodyguard of an Orthodox Jew – equated Vincent Browne with British MP George Galloway – as being anti-Israel, Jew hater – and Islamist lover.

Any idiot can be a loud-mouth anti-Semite. George Galloway is a perfect example of such grotesque phenomenon (and isn’t Galloway an Irish name?). But not everyone is cut out to do the right thing–not everyone has the balls. Some lads just run with the wrong crowd. And dear Andrew Browne and the Irish will discover too late that it will never again be the tall English soldiers “marching in through the foggy dew,” but rather the Islamists they’ve befriended, who now live in Ireland, blowing up cars in Dublin. Such are the fruits of a consistency of ignorance,” wrote the hateful Crypto-Jew, on November 16, 2012.

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