Canadian Jewish woman in Israel Army’s Jail

Canadian Muslim teenager, Omer Khadr, was tortured for ten years in US jail and Ottawa did not come to his rescue. Last month, an Israeli-born Canadian Jewish woman, Yana Gurlik 30, was arrested by Israel Occupation Force (IOF) agents in Israel for dodging military draft when she left Israel for Canada with her parents at the age 17.

According to Israeli daily Marriv, Gurlik came to Israel to attend a family wedding. She was told on arrival that there were some problems with her status, according to the army. At the airport she was asked to go to an army base to set things straight.

She decided to play it safe and go to the army base. There, she was arrested for draft dodging. Gurlik had failed to go through the proper procedure to get her papers straight, and was simply lucky the two other times she entered Israel. She wasn’t going to be lucky this time. Not if the IDF had anything to do with it.

She missed the wedding, and after in jail for over a month now – she was sentenced to 90 days in an army jail.

Now, compare this Jewish justice for another Jewish soldier – who got 45 days for killing a white flag-waving Palestinian mother and her daughter during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

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