Mehdi Hassan in Israel

Mehdi Hassan, a Pakistani journalist and senior editor at British New Statesman magazine recently conducted an interview with Israelis from different walk-of-life. Mehdi has long been under British Jewish Lobby,s knife for clarifying Iran’s foreign policy, its nuclear program and exposing the biased coverage of terrorists in the Zionist-controlled British media. Watch the interview at the video below.

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2 Responses to Mehdi Hassan in Israel

  1. Thnx for providing this information online.

  2. Naeem says:

    Mehdi hassan although says some good stuff is still a bower to zionist power axis. He plays with the word Islamic terrorists and extremists like a zionist who proclaims his hate for arabs. I personally put him under galloway, galloway says it like it is but makes sure he doesn’t overstep the mark. I our biggest problem todays is we have these sellout traitors who for some unfortunate reason we idolize.

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