Israel: ‘Muslim Brotherhood victory is bad news’

On Monday, the Zionist regime officials and Israeli media showed their concern at the victory of Muslim Brotherhood prsidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Mursi as the first elected President of Egypt.

While both prime minister Netanyahu and his defense minister Barak issued careful comments on Sunday evening, however, former Israeli defense minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer, who was close to Egypt’s ousted president Hosni Mubarak, told Israeli public radio that Egypt would now be led “by a man who has never hidden his hostility towards Israel. We must seek dialogue with the Islamists, and at the same time be prepared for war“.

On Sunday, after days of delay, the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) announced Mursi, Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, as the winner of the county’s presidential runoff. Head of the SPEC Farouq Sultan said that Mursi received nearly 52 percent of the votes, with over 13 million ballots while, former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq won over 12 million votes.

Dr. Mursi in an interview with Fars News Agency stressed his eagerness to further develop ties with Islamic Iran, and said, “It is part of my agenda”. A close relation between Egypt and Iran will create a strategic balance in the region, he stressed.

Mursi also slammed the ruling junta for the dissolution of the Islamist-dominated elected parliament. “The dissolution of Majlis al-Sha’b (parliament) targeted me. When the generals saw that I have come close to the presidential post, they attempted to take away certain authorities in their own interest,” said Mursi.

Mursi also rejected media news about his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, and said, “I have said nothing so and my first international trips after victory in presidential election have not yet been specified.”

It’s also reported that Tehran is willing to pay $1.3 billion annual aid to Egypt once Cairo cancel its peace treaty with Israel.

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7 Responses to Israel: ‘Muslim Brotherhood victory is bad news’

  1. Naeem says:

    I do believe the egyptiam MB is independent kinda like hamas, But what is plain to see the israeli’s playing the panic game they knew full well that an islamic party would win. I personally believe the peace treaty with israel should remian until they commit another crime because israel will attack as soon as the peace treaty is broken. Its time for egypt to prepare for defensive war against israel if a military alliance with iran,russia,china can be established it would be great news. As for the 1.3 bill in aid i don’t think egypt needs it unless its a loan it clear the US bribed these corrupt officials to do things their way but with egypt has natural gas and a great textile industry nor forgetting also they can tax countries for using the straits if they need funds. Linking mursi with saudi was a clever trick but its clear the sauds have been unmasked supporting a secularist munafiq candidate showed them to be nothing more than slaves to their masters ZIONIST WEST. Great times alhamdulillah number 1 foreign policy objective recreate ties with iran its a must

    • rehmat2 says:

      Muslim Brotherhood is not a military resistance organization like Hamas or Lebanese Hizbullah. In fact, the current leadership of MB is very pro-West. Dr. Mursi will never dare to challenge the authority of Egyptian military establishment which takes its orders from Israel via the United States.

      I agree with you that Cairo under the new government doesn’t need to null its so-called ‘peace treaty’ with Tel Aviv, as long as it can open Rafah border to Gaza and is allowed to sell its gas to Israel at international market rates.

  2. Naeem says:

    what i mean by military resistance was making the army more pro islamic and taking out the secularists. Well if your right about many of the MB being pro west then sooner or later the ppl of egypt will see and they will be exposed to all of the ummah.

  3. maryam fritsch says:

    we all know the harm from the masonic order. as for israel’s so-called unhappiness, that’s just part of their deception, as usual. they’ve used it in our so-called election by hating ron paul. ron paul has no love for anyone other his own kind. ron is hoping his son rand will run for president in the republican party. they are both racist/zionist israel lovers!!!

  4. gold account says:

    The Brotherhood has, movement officials said, approached secular reformist politician Mohammed ElBaradei, a former U.N. diplomat and Nobel peace laureate, to take a senior post, possibly as prime minister. ElBaradei has not commented. Behind the scenes, talks were already under way between the Islamists and generals to resolve disputes that blew up this month over steps by the ruling military council to hem in the powers of the first freely elected president Egypt has known. Cairo’s Tahrir Square, theatre of the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak, exploded in joy — and relief — on Sunday as Mursi was declared the narrow but convincing winner of last weekend’s presidential run-off against Ahmed Shafiq, another scion of the military establishment which has ruled Egypt for 60 years. The celebrations continued through an unforgettable night after Mursi won by 3.5 percentage points or some 880,000 votes. Those in Egypt and beyond who feared a win for Shafiq might have spelled the end of the Arab Spring acknowledged a triumph for the popular will, and for the army which accepted it. From Syria’s opposition came word that Cairo was again a “source of hope” for a people “facing a repressive war of annihilation,” according to Reuters. But beyond the vast throng who waved their flags and chanted praises to God for hours on end on Tahrir Square, millions of Egyptians, and the Western powers, looked on with unease at the prospect of the long-suppressed Brotherhood making good on its dream of an Islamic state for the Arab world’s biggest nation. Among the most anxious were the young, urban revolutionaries who launched last year’s uprising but saw their representatives knocked out in last month’s first round vote, as well as diehard supporters of the old regime who fear for their privileges. Some Shafiq admirers wept in fury that the army had “betrayed” them.

  5. Naeem says:

    Gold or silver your “young, urban revolutionaries” were trained and financed by zionist front National endowment for democracy their all secular and it was impossible for them to win esp in a majority muslim country. Plus don’t steal that word young because their were young muslims who campaigned hard and were the backbone of the MB movement during the elections. Shafiq was supported by the backward house of saud famiy who many hasbarists call islamist..

  6. gold price says:

    You have created the news event “Egypt: Brotherhood candidate Mursi face Mubarak’s last prime minister Shafiq in run-off” and it can be found at: .

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