Muslim Brotherhood candidate claims victory

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has claimed that its candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi won the runoff to become Egypt’s first President-Elect. It’s reported that Dr. Morsi won 52% of majority votes against his opponent, Hosni Mubarak’s prime minister Gen. Ahmad Shafiq.

The pro-US secularist ruling military junta had promised to hand-over most of its powers to the newly elected president. However, the elected assembly already dissolved by the military junta, most political analyst doubt that US-Israel will allow Dr. Morsi to become President.

However, Roula Talj, an Egyptian political analyst, told Press TV: “If I were, God forbid, an Israeli I would not be worried about the Islamic Brotherhood because we will discover soon enough that anyway they are just going to be another puppet of the Americans in the region“.

She also added:

“I am convinced that there are two US – the US of the neoconservatives who planted the seeds of what they call the Arab Spring. This, the neoconservatives had a lot of money. They have invested in many countries in the region in order to stir the pot and push towards a revolution.

And there is the new Obama administration which is dealing with internal crisis and trying to avoid disasters when it comes to the region meaning they are trying to keep a grip over what they had, like over the power they had in the region and of course Hosni Mubarak was one of their main allies in the region and he did whatever America wanted as long as he stayed in power.

So the neoconservative America I am pretty sure they were somehow helping and pushing towards the revolutions in the region and of course this plan wanted the revolution to go into this what Condoleezza Rice used to talk about, the creative mess, let’s put it this way.

So this creative mess we are going through it today but the players in the region have changed ever since Bush left power, we see the rise of Russia and China and their will to fight very hard in order to gain some power in the region”.

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One Response to Muslim Brotherhood candidate claims victory

  1. Naeem says:

    i completely disagree with Roula Talj on the egyptian MB. The way i see the Mb is whether their close to the sauds all those years of mubarak support from the sauds led the egyptian MB to despise the sauds just like hamas in palestine. Now if we look at the syrian MB their close to the sauds because the regime was run by alawite leaders something the sauds can’t stand. The Mb is very pragmatic group they support all members because of that BROTHERHOOD they aspire to be. But egyptian MB would be a great addition to the current resistance against the zionist state.

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