Lobby: ‘Canada an influential player in ME peace talks’

The president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Ronald S. Lauder, was in Canada last week. During his visit, he held private talks with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister John Baird in Ottawa on Wednesday to discuss the situation in the Middle East, as well as rise in hate towards Jews in North America and Europe.

The meeting between the three Israel-Firsters was not a significant event for the Canadians who don’t believe in Israeli propaganda lies about the Middle East and Muslim communities in North America and Europe, who are blamed for the rise of the so-called “anti-Semitism” in the West.

However, what surprises me – was Lauder’s ignorance of Canada’s image in the Middle East. Lauder said in an interview with the news agency ‘Canadian Press’. “I believe that in the coming months, Canada can play a role and I think will be invited to play a role.”

A great majority of Canadian Arabs and Muslims know that Canada under prime minister Stephen Harper has become an Israeli colony. Harper government hates Hamas, Hizbullah, Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Syria, Sudan and everything which snear at the Zionist regime.

Canada’s political landscape is totally Isrealized. Country’s ruling Conservatives along with two major opposition parties, Liberal and New Democratic, are controlled by Zionists.

As far as Canada’s creditablity in the world eyes is concerned – in 2010, Stephen Harper government’s blind support for the Zionist entity and its participation in America’s wars have cost Canada its bid to secure a seat at the UN Security Council for the first time in the last six decades.

Recently, both Netanyahu and Peres visited Canada to express their appreciation of Harper government’s support for the Zionist regime against its perceived enemies.

Lauder, also a former US ambassador, said that as he travels the world, he hears only good things about Canadian foreign policy. “Today it is a very dangerous world out there, there are very few true leaders out there,” Lauder told the ‘Canadian Press’, adding that PM Harper had been “a true leader. He spoke his mind.”

The notorious Geneva-based UN Watch, which claims to monitor United Nations on human rights violations – is one of many propaganda arms for American Jewish Committee (AJC) and Israeli Likud Party.

Canada is not going to be an honest broker between an international terrorist organization (Hamas) and a liberal democracy, when the great struggle of our generation is the struggle between liberal democracies and international terrorist organizations,” said Baird in a recent interview.

Canada along with the US and Israel, have classified Lebanese Islamic Resistance group Hizbullah as a ‘terrorist organization’.

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