Pat Robertson: ‘Destroy Buddha statue’

The Zionist-controlled mainstream media will never tell you that the 65 million pro-Israel Evangelists are in fact worse than Afghan Taliban when it comes to the distortion of their religious scriptures.

Recently, one of America’s top Evangelic religious leaders, pastor Pat Robertson was asked on air by a concerned Christian named “Jenny” about a moral quandary she had relating to her roommate’s “Buddha statue”.

My friend who is a Christian has a Buddha statue next to her Christian ones. Is this ok?”, asked Jenny.

No its not. Take it away and break it. Break it! Destroy it,” replied Robertson. Watch video below.

In other words – Christian statues are OK but not Buddhist ones!

Last year, the Islamophobe bigot had advised one of his listerners to divorce his terminal sick wife.

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  1. Interesting write up . hm

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