Helen Thomas honored by PA mission in US

On Sunday, Maen Erekat, the Palestinian envoy to Washington hosted a dinner in honor of former White House reporter Helen Thomas. Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi presented Thomas with an award for her outspoken remark against Jewish occupation of Palestine.

The news of the award irked the US Jewish lobby groups and Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren.

A decision by the Palestinian mission to the United States to journalist Helen Thomas proves the Palestinians inability to meet the basic requisites of peace,” said Oren.

I believe Oren is living in his Zionist self-denial. Otherwise, Helen explained those “basic requisites” to Rabbi David Nesenoff in 2010 – for which she was forced by Jewish groups to quit her 50-year job at the White House. And they were: “Tell them (Jews) to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember these people are occupied and it’s their land“.

The international Jewish policeman, Abraham Foxman, national director ADL in his statement said: “How sad it is that Palestinians would embrace a bigot and anti-Semite“. One wonders if the bigot knows that Helen Thomas being of Arab blood has more chances of being a ‘Semite’ – than Abe Foxman with Khazarian Turk blood.

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