Galloway’s victory: A slap on Israel Lobby’s face

Thanks to Pakistani majority in Bradford West – George Galloway, Britain’s most loathed and loved politicians returns to the House of Commons. The founder of Respect Party, took the Bradford West seat with a majority of more than 10,000 votes, beating Labour councillor Imran Hussain in one of the most Muslim – and Labour – constituencies in the country.

The British powerful pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups threw George Galloway out of his Labour Party and British politics for criticizing British and Israeli policies in the Muslim world. He voted against Tony Blair’s war on Iraq in 2003. As a result, the Zionist controlled mainstream media ran a smear campaign against Galloway – accusing him receiving money from Saddam Hussein which his accusers failed to prove in a court of law.

George Galloway’s stunning victory is good news for Labour Party’s London Mayrol candidate Ken Livingstone, occupied Palestine, Hizbullah, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan. Galloway’s support for Hizbullah had angered Israel-Firsters in the West so much that he was banned to enter Canada for a lecture tour by Stephen Harper’s Zionist-controlled government – for supporting Hizbullah and Hamas.

George Galloway was the driving force behind the Viva Palestina convoy of 550 people from 17 different countries – which carried civilian aid to 1.5 million Gaza citizen under Israeli seige for voting Islamic Resistance Hamas into power. However, Egyptian police deported Galloway under orders from western poodle Hosny Mubbarak.

George Galloway has also worked with Iranian Press TV which was banned by David Cameron’s pro-Israel government in January 2012.

Galloway is a practicing Roman Catholic but doesn’t drink alcohol. Due to some of his personal ‘anti-modern habits’ and his support for anti-Israel resistance groups – some Zionist think tanks have called Galloway “Islamist backed” candidate.

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One Response to Galloway’s victory: A slap on Israel Lobby’s face

  1. Naeem says:

    A bit of information on the treachorous traitor Labour councillor Imran Hussain, A week prior to the ballot they had a debate mr imran hussain stood up and proudly said HE SUPPORTED THE TROOPS, Galloway countered and said the trrops died in vain and you have your prime ministers to blame for that. People like imran hussain are as dangerous as zionists and i hope inshallah they will inhabit the lowest of hell if they don’t change their ways.

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