India snubs US on Iranian sanctions

To the great shock to Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak, a few days ago, New Delhi blacklisted Israeli Military Industries and today, a 70-member Indian trade delegation arrived in Tehran.

The delegation comprises of businessmen and exporters and is led by Arvind Mehta, joint secretary in the commerce ministry, and M. Rafeeque Ahmed, president of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO).

They will be in Iran till March 14, 2012 and will hold meetings with Iranian chambers of commerce and businessmen to explore new investment opportunities in Iran. The visit of the trade mission comes amid accelerated efforts by the US and the European Union on belhaf of the Zionist entity to push sanctions against Iran’s civilian nuclear program.

Both India and China has refused to follow the US-sponsored sanctions against Iran’s oil/gas sector. Both countries are the largest importers of Iranian oil. In January 2012, India beat China as the top importer of oil from Iran. In 2011, India imported oil worth $12 billion from Iran.

In order to beat Western sanction on banking institutions on having transactions with Iranian banks – India last month sealed a payment mechanism under which Indian companies will pay for 45 percent of their crude oil imports from Iran in rupees.

Not just oil, India also plans to go ahead with refurbishing of the Chabahar Port in Iran and a strategic railway link that will offer it direct access to Afghanistan and the energy-rich Central Asia.

New Delhi, to Netanyahu’s great disappointment has refused to pin blame on Iran for the recent attack on an Israeli embassy car – a Mossad false flag operation in reality.

Beyond the western rhetoric – the Iranian economy is not showing any serious set back – while economies of the US and some of EU members (Spain, Italy and Greece) are in mess.

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2 Responses to India snubs US on Iranian sanctions

  1. Abigail says:

    It is amazing to me how we are lonkiog the other way on Iran’s nuclear program. Why would this be?1. We just don’t believe anything really bad will happen. Hasn’t yet!2. It’s actually a soap-opera and we can turn it off. Lousy script.3. Obama is oblivious to Middle East provocations. Oh well.4. Obama is fully aware & a player in the Iran/Middle East plan.Each of these possibilities would likely result in the downfall of the West. We’re afraid to use scary words like military action and first strike but if we don’t shed this mentality we will pay with our way of life or our lives. The thought is so terrifying we shut it off turn on Frasier or Martha Stewart and lull ourselves into thinking it will all be okay. God help us, for we are not helping ourselves.

    • rehmat2 says:

      I suggest, you change ‘Iran’ with ‘Israel’ and repost the results.

      In case your Jewish history teacher did not tell you:

      1. Israel already have 240-400 nuclear bomb which it has threaten to use on Arab and Some European capitals.
      2. Iran has not attacked any of its neighbors for the last 150 years – while Israel has attacked and occupied each of its neighbors’ territories.
      3. Iran is a signatory to NPT which gives the country the right to pursue nuclear technology for civilian purposes. Israel has not signed NPT and has refused to open its five nuclear facilities to IAEA inspectors.
      4. Early this month, both the US and Israeli intelligence agencies admitted that there is not proof that Iran is in the process of building a nuclear bomb.

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