India’s ‘Pornogate ministers’ resign

For 140 million-strong Muslim minority in India – it was quite a news to find out the other day that it’s not the Muslim-hatred which unites Hindutva and Zionist Jews – but also the Jewish dominated pornographic industry.

On February 8, Indian daily Deccan Herald reported that three provincial minister belonging to anti-Muslim and pro-Israel BJP government have resigned as result of caught watching porn clippings on a cellphone inside the Legislative Assembly.

The three disgraced Hindu ministers are, Lakshman Savadi, C.C. Patil and Krishna Palemar. However, like Israeli Likud – BJP despite facing humiliation, is in no mood to sacrifice them as the members of the assembly.

Realising that they can no longer survive as ministers with the Opposition parties baying for their blood, the trio submitted their resignation to Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda a couple of hours before the Assembly session was set to begin on Wednesday morning.

At the BJP Legislature Party meeting, former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa stood by the trio and demanded that no action be taken against them. Gowda also defended them in the House stating they had submitted their resignations as ministers.

During BJP government in New Delhi – the cooperation between India and Israel had reached to its peak. Both Mossad and RAW helped Hindufascist groups to create false flag operations while blaming them on the Indian Muslims and Pakistan.

The convicted terrorist, Indian Army officer, Lt. Col. Purohit, who had visited Israel, had admitted receiving arms and money from Israel to kill Muslims and carry false-flag operations, blaming on Muslims. Several RSS leaders, during BJP rule had visited Israel. Various Hindutva groups had welcomed and celebrated Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres’ visit to India on May 17, 1993, and the closer ties with Israel which ensued. Among leading Indian media reporting attempts by BJP-RSS-VHP leaders to get closer both to Israel and to the Zionist lobby in Washington is The Times of India.

The history of love-affair between the RSS and Zionist entity goes back to RSS’ founder, Vinyak Damodar Savarkar (died 1966). While Mahtama Gandhi and Pandit Nehru were against the partition of Palestine – Vinyak Damodar Savarkar had supported the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine to terrorize Muslim-majority Middle East for generation to come.

Israeli Mossad has a long history of terrorism in Indian sub-continent. For example, on January 12, 2001 – Indian intelligence (RAW)officers detained 11 foreigners dressed like Islamic preachers in Calcutta who were about to board a Dhakka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. The Bangladesh government refused to acknowledge them as Islamic preachers and issue visas. Later, they were released under Israeli pressure according to one of the arresting officers. According to Indian intelligence analyst, Ashok Debbarma: “It’s not unlikely for Mossad to recruit 11 Afghans in Iran and grant them Israeli citizen to penetrate a network such as Bin Laden’s. They would begin infiltrating them into an Islamic radical group in an unlikely place, like Bangladesh”.

Israel has used pornography in popularizing Holocaust and recruiting foreign Jews in IOF and attacting foreign tourists. Pornography became part of Holocaust during the trail of Eichmann. Books like ‘I Was Colonel Shultz’s Private Bitch’, ‘The House of Dolls’, and the Israeli mass-production of ‘Jewish memoirs showing naked pictures of young Jewish women sexually abused by the Nazi soldiers. In 2007, Israeli filmaker, Ari Libskar, made a documentary film Stalags (German prison camps), based on those pornographic propaganda crap.

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