Israeli General: ‘Iran is damaging IAF superiority’

Israel’s Air force chief Ido Nehushtan speaking at the International Space Conference in Herzliya said that Israel is facing growing challenges from it neighboring countries especially from the Islamic Republic and its Lebanese ally, Hizbullah.

“The increasing presence of advance weaponary in the Middle East poses a challenge to Israel’s aerial superirity. This trend is being aided by Iran and challenges the IAF’s aerial superority which is the force’s key advantage”.

In other words, Ido Nehushtan was admitting that Iran’s home-made arms are superior that the most advanced arms, worth $3 billion per year, the Jewish army receives from the US at no cost.

Ido Nehushtan also showed his concern about situation in Syria which is part of American strategy to bring an anti-Iran regime in Damascus. Ido said that despite the turmoil, Syrian army is buying arms from Russia and China. He also asserted that both Hamas and Hizbullah are receiving rockets and missiles from Iran.

Speaking at the same conference next day, Israel Defense Force chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz threat to Israel has intensfied due to instability in the Middle East. He stressed that Iran’s ambitions to acquire nuclear bombs must continue to be distrupted.

“Iran’s nuclear program is a global and regional problem,” he said.

On January 17, 2012 – Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, head of the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) planing department had expressed similar concern:

If we are forced to do things in Gaza or in Lebanon – under the Iranian nuclear umbrella it might be different,” said Amir Eshel.

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One Response to Israeli General: ‘Iran is damaging IAF superiority’

  1. Naeem says:

    I believe iran is a hard nut to crack. In the 80s the whole world was against it and still couldn’t achieve their objectives though iran was weak, now iran is tall and strong and im sure ready. Their special weapon is islam just like hezbollah who deafeated the satanic zionist entity and shook it to its boots. The rest of the ummah is waking up and getting rid of those shoe shiners. What the general didn’t tell us is that iran aquired s300’s and chinese HQ-9 very advanced sams. Their indigenous version of the s-300 is called the bavar 743. Iran has over 110 thousand samsmissiles. Iran is impossible to invade but if the satanic west make their move iran will finish them off once and for all and then liberation of al quds inshallah.

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