You-Tube removes Holocartoons video

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Memorial Day, Simon Wiesenthal Center has announced that it has succeeded in forcing U-Tube to remove ten of the videos prepared by Iranian website Holocartoons.

The site was launched by Iranian cartoonist Maziar Bijani in 2010. Bijani uses animated video cartoons to show how Zionists have been exploiting the so-called murder of six million Jews by Nazis to carry-on their ethnic-cleansing of Muslim and Christian Palestinians which played no part in the genocide of European Jews. In reality, Nazis were mostly Christians while over 150,000 German Jews and Zionist collaborated with the Nazis. Watch video below.

The Holocartoons are available in Persian, Arabic, English, Spanish, and French languages.

Simon Wiesenthal Center has called upon UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon and other ZOGs leaders to use 27th January Holocaust memorial ceremony at the United Nations headquarter in New York to denounce the Islamic regime in Tehran for not believing the Zionists’ narrative of the “Six Million Died”.

The Jewish-owned Facebook has altered the site page on Simon Wiesenthal Center demand.

Turkey has become the first Muslim country to commemmorate the International Holocaust Day by showing French director Claude Lanzmann’s ten-hour-long movie Shoah.

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