Egypt: ‘No revolution just a regime change’

Newly elected parliament held its first meeting on January 23, 2012 under pro-US military junta. The largest group, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – together with the Democratic Alliance – won 235 out of 498 total seats, i.e. 47.2% of the total seats in parliament: 127 seats in the party ‘lists’ and 108 for the ‘individual’ seats.

Dr. Saad al-Katatni, a senior member of FJP has been elected Speaker of the interim parliament. The majority win by Muslim Brotherhood has raised hevoc among the Zionist warmongers. Even though MB leaders have assured the top Jewish members of Obama administration like Deputy Secretary of State William Burns and Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman that MB will not cancel Egypt-Israel peace treaty and has no intention of pushing for an Iranian-type Islamic theocratic state.

Muslim Brotherhood did not take active part in the anti-Mubarak mass protests one year ago. However, the party gained majority of votes from Egyptian Muslims (60%) who want Islamic Shari’ah laws to solve corrution in the country. A PEW poll last year showed that 54% of Egyptians want to cancel the peace treaty (1979 Camp David Accord) with Israel.

Kamel Wazni, a political analyst says that what happened in Egypt since the downfall of Hosni Mubarak is not a revolution but a “revolution in progress”. For example, there is still the military in control but we had election in Egypt and the Islamic Brotherhood came into power and some of the other groups came into power but we still have not seen the end and the ultimate victory for this revolution where you have total authority by the people.

“Muslim Brotherhood is under the watch of the American and I think there has been consultation by the American and meeting with major official of the Obama administration to address the issue of the Peace Treaty.

but I think if they are true Islamists there is no way to compromise on the issue of Palestine and the issue of the Qods. They probably could in the beginning maneuver on this issue, but having the Islamists in the parliament controlling almost 70 percent of the seats in the parliament, I think they are under huge obligation by their faith and by their commitment to the Islamic cause and to the Arab cause to be active in the Palestinian cause and to address the grievance that the Palestinians [are] still facing in a daily basis and the siege of major holy city by the Israeli,” says Kamel Wazni.

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One Response to Egypt: ‘No revolution just a regime change’

  1. Naeem says:

    Salaam brother rehmat
    I think all is going to plan with oded yinon’s plan. With egypt in disorder and recently america moving 12,000 troops in libya. It looks like egypt is encircled, recently with islamic parties winning the zionist media will spin a religous divide with the christians. The mistarvarim unit of israel will probably kill couple of hundred christians and blame it on the muslims like with the lavon affair. Then israel and the US will probably attack i hope im wrong but there’s no explanation with the zionist media labellings this uprising a arab spring.

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