Jay Leno’s temple gag angers Sikh community

Recently, The Tonight Show host Jay Leno made a crude joke about India’s Golden Temple, the holiest shrine for Sikhs. He said the Golden Temple was a summer home for millionaire GOP presidential candidate Israel-Firster Mitt Romney.

India’s foreign minister Vayalar Ravi termed the gag as “quite unfortunate and quite objectionable” and said the Indian embassy in Washington would raise the issue.

In a dig at Romney’s privileged background during a show last week, Leno used a photo of the ornate Sikh shrine in the northwestern Indian city of Amritsar during a segment on the vacation homes of US Republican presidential candidates.

Angry members of the Sikh community in the US circulated an online petition protesting the “derogatory depiction” of the Golden Temple, adding that “Jay Leno’s racist comments need to be stopped right here”.

Jay Leno is known to make jokes about Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Holy Qur’an and Catholics. Jay and his wife Mavis Nicholson are both pro-Israel rabid Zionists.

In December 2010, Barack Obama offended the US Sikh community by refusing to visit Golden Temple – fearing that by wearing a Sikh turban he might remind the Jewish Lobby at home of his father being a Muslim from Kenya. Being a ‘Muslim’ is a very touchy issue for American politicians these days.

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