Pakistan needs to drop its ‘American baggage’

Year 2011 saw Pakistan Army elites turning against their American masters for the last five decades. It began with the Hollywood-style murder of already dead Osama Bin Laden in May, followed by killing of 26 Pakistani soldiers and the notorious memogate affair against Pakistan army involving US-puppet President Asif Ali Zardari and his prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. As a result, Pakistan army has closed-down US-NATO supply routes through Pakistan which carried 80% of total military and food supplies to the 140,000 foreign occupation forces in Afghanistan.

While the Zionist-controlled US Congress has slapped Pakistan with a $700 million aid cut – the White House is trying to fool Pakistani generals with usual propaganda lies. On Friday, State Department spokesperson Mark Toner told reporters: “We desire a closer, more productive relationship with Pakistan both militarily and as well as politically. And we’re constantly working to build that closer cooperation“. Interestingly, earlier this month, Mark Toner had assured the Jewish Lobby that “Obama administration has consistently stood up against anti-Semitism and efforts to delegitimize Israel, and will continue to do so“.

However, Pakistani patriotic leaders must remember Sen. Barack Obama’s statement in July 2008: “The greatest threat to that security lies in the tribal regions of Pakistan, where terrorists train and insurgents strike into Afghanistan. We cannot tolerate a terrorist sanctuary, and as President, I won’t. We need a stronger and sustained partnership between Afghanistan, Pakistan and NATO to secure the border, to take out terrorist camps, and to crack down on cross-border insurgents. We need more troops, more helicopters, more satellites, more Predator drones in the Afghan border region. And we must make it clear that if Pakistan cannot or will not act, we will take out high-level terrorist targets like bin Laden if we have them in our sights“.

The Reuters reported on December 22 that Pakistan army is fed up with US-supported Zardari regime and want it out – “but by legal means and not by a military coup”. Pakistan has already been ruled for more than half of its existence by four US-sponsored military coups in the past.

Pakistan has lost the trust of American Jewish Lobby as a strategic partner against Iran and China. Therefore, it’s pushing India to take a leading role in Afghanistan once US-NATO reduces its presence in the country after 2014.

In order to get itself from the US aid blackmail – Pakistan needs to boost its trade with China, Iran, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Washington has given $18 billion aid to Pakistan since the 1980s – in order to defeat USSR and Taliban in Afghanistan. In return Pakistanis have suffered more than $100 billion in infrastructure, human lives and fighting CIA-Mossad-RAW terrorism inside Pakistan. In 2010, China gave Pakistan $9 billion in aid for infrastructure and mining sectors.

Pakistani leadership must realize that political independence and sovereignty requires economic independence. Pakistan’s neighboring Islamic Iran has proved that point and within 32 year has become the most powerful country in the region.

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  1. Hudrends of people will agree with your opinion whoever many other’s will disagree,but I appreciate your work here.

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