Tawakkol Karman: ‘Saudi Arabia behind Yemen crisis’

Yemeni activist and winner of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, Tawakkul Karman has accused Saudi Arabia for destablizing her country.

“Before the revolution, in January 2011, Saudi Arabia made many crises in Yemen,” Karman said in a meeting with British lawmakers in London on Thursday, adding the Saudis only want to protect their kingdom.

Karman also called upon the United Nations Security Council to refer the killing of protesters to the International Criminal Court, unfortunately, a Zionist-controlled judicial set-up.

Her comments come as tens of thousands of Yemenis have held near-daily demonstrations recently against the new coalition government.

On November 23, the country’s long-time ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to cede power to his deputy, Abd rabbu Mansour Hadi, and step down within 90 days, in return for immunity from prosecution.

Hadi issued a decree on December 7, establishing a national unity government as part of the power transfer deal brokered by the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council. The unity government was sworn in on December 10.

However, Yemeni demonstrators rejected the new cabinet headed by Mohammed Basindwa, who was appointed as the interim prime minister on November 27, as several Saleh-era ministers remain in their old posts.

Protesters have repeatedly said that any new government which cooperates with elements of the previous regime does not represent the will of the people and have, therefore, pledged to keep the revolution alive until all their demands are met.

Yemeni demonstrators hold Saleh, who enjoys Saudi and US support, responsible for the killing of hundreds of people since the beginning of the popular uprising in late January.

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One Response to Tawakkol Karman: ‘Saudi Arabia behind Yemen crisis’

  1. Naeem says:

    salaam rehmat great article, iwas reading your other website congraculations on the capture of the stealth drone, to me and you its no surprise we know iran is more advanced than they can ever envisaged, they and hezb completely defeated the idf in 06 on electronic warfare. You wrote that you feel that usa is ready to attack iran in Lord Owen: ‘Iran is the most powerful country in the region’ why have you changed your mind, and do you think as i think that if iran is attacked they will have to invade bahrain and possibly saudia arabia

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