Venezuela-Iran friendship haunts Israel

The Zionist propaganda lies-war against Iran has spread to all corners of the world. The latest one is Israeli deputy prime minister Moshe Yaalon’s rant against Venezuela in an interview he gave while on visit to Uruguay. The terrorist Jew has claimed that Venezuela is working with Iran to create a “terrorist infrastructure” in Latin America that “could attack the interests of the US in South America or inside the United States”. Indirectly, Yaalon was trying to fool Uruguay by fabricating a terrorist hoax to create bad feelings between Uruguay and Venzuela.

Israel and its powerful lobby groups in the US have always considered South America as their monopoly to exploite southern natural resorces by supporting military dictatorships against the democratic forces. However, Venezuela under Hugo Chavez and Brazil under Dilma Rousseff have turned tables against the Zionist imperialism.

The Vanezuelan government has rejected Yaalon's accusations against Venezuela and Iran. In a statement it said:

“Such abusive and tendentious statements, which come from the representative of a government that itself participates in terrorist attacks against the Arab peoples, are part of a continuous campaign of aggression against our people aimed at spreading these slanderous rumors in international media outlets, mainly in the U.S.

Additionally, these rumors are against a people, the Venezuelan people, who are playing a leading role in a peaceful, democratic and humanist revolution, and who have never used weapons to attack any people, neither create death and destruction.

On the contrary, the Bolivarian Government of President Hugo Chávez maintains and fosters deep relations of cooperation, solidarity and fraternity with all the peoples of the continent and the world, which is widely recognized by Latin America and the international community, as was demonstrated once again during the historic foundational Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).”

In January, 2009, Hugo Chavez had welcomed the expulsion of his ambassador from Tel Aviv by calling it an “honor” and had blasted the Zionist regime for committing genocide against Palestinians.

In June 2009, Israel had blamed both Venezuela and Bolivia for selling uranium to the Islamic Republic to produce nuclear bomb which will pose an “existential threat” to the Zionist entity. Both countries had rejected the accusations as “a fool’s wishful thinking”. Interestingly, the US has an estimated stockpile of 9,000 nuclear bombs while Israel is sitting on 240-400 nuclear bombs.

The US-Israel has even used the new rebel government in Libya to threaten Hugo Chavez government.

In December 2010 – Israel had claimed Iran is planning to place medium-range missiles on Venezuelan soil.

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2 Responses to Venezuela-Iran friendship haunts Israel

  1. mercadee says:

    With memories still fresh of what happened in Iraq and Libya, of the sufferings the countries’ populations had to endure, and of the killings of S. Hussein and M. Gadhafi, Iran is determined to fight back in every way possible, and the Pentagon is fully aware of the perspective. US military planners warned the White House that the consequences of a military campaign against Iran can prove unpredictable, and B. Obama, who has permanently looked exhausted recently, decided to take time and, within several weeks, to consult with the US allies. The forecast at the moment is that Washington will not go beyond pushing for tighter sanctions against Iran, but chances are the US is simply trying to cause Tehran to lose vigilance.

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