Ans Van Dijk: A Jewish Nazi spy

On January 8, 1948 – Queen Welhelmina signed death sentence Ans (Anna) Van Dijk for treason against Holland for being a Dutch Nazi collaborator. Ans was born in 1905 into a Jewish family in Amstredam. She married to Bram Querido but divorced him later and had a lesbian relationship with Miep Stodel. In 1943 , she was arrested by by German security services (SD) and after she promised to work for SD to hunt-down anti-government Jewish militants, she was released. She infiltrated the resistance and reported Jews in hidding.

Ans became the only Jewish woman who was executed after the end of Nazi occupation and how she became involved in collaboration with the Germans during the war. Consulting the literature and sources on this topic reveal some astonishing facts which shed a different light on the fate of Dutch Jews in Holland in World War II.

Peter Stuyvesant in an article, entiled Jewish behaviour during the German occupation of the Netherlands wrote:

Hans Max Hirschfeld, born into a Jewish-German business-family, began his career as a civil servant in the department of Labour, Trade and Industry, specializing in relations with Germany. Despite the regime-change in Germany in 1933 Hirschfeld continued to focus on Germany as the premier business partner of Holland. His Jewish background did not prevent him from conducting business as usual.

After the German occupation of Holland, Hirschfeld rose to the position of secretary-general of Trade, Industry and Shipping (later renamed: Economic Affairs). The Germans did not remove him despite being half-Jewish, but kept him at this key post during the entire war. The Dutch historian Van der Zwan wrote in his biography about him (Under the Spell of Power, Amsterdam 2004) that Hirschfeld was the willing helper of the Germans and was instrumental of merging Holland’s economy into the German war effort.

The collaboration between the German authorities and the Dutch Jewish Council was so smooth that, in the words of one historian, “deportation of the Jews in the Netherlands achieved a greater measure of perfection and efficiency than anywhere else in occupied Europe”

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