Bonn conference on Afghanistan without Taliban

The Western Zionist poodles held a conference on Afghanistan in Bonn on Monday which was boycotted by Taliban and their old ally, Pakistan. Both Ben-Obama and Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton had asked Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardar to attend the conference. However, after NATO’s killing 26 Pakistani soldiers last month, Zardari could not dare to accept the invitation.

Representatives from several dozen countries attended the conference. However, to a great shock to Israel, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi attended the conference on Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s invitation. He pledged Iran’s financial support for Afghanistan. But he denounced the proposal that some western troops may remain in Afghanistan after US-NATO withdrawal in 2014. Tehran has already donated $600 million to Afghanistan for various reconstruction projects.

Hamid Karzai demanded a bribe of $10 billion per year for the next ten years to look after western interests in the region.

“The Afghan people do not wish to be a burden for a single day longer than is absolutely necessary,” he said. “But to make our success certain and our progress irreversible, we will need your steadfast support for at least another decade.”

Hillary Clinton in her speech indicated that Karzai’s demand was a “bargain“.

“The United States and our international partners must remain committed to training, advising, an assisting Afghan forces, even as we continue to go after those who are unwilling to end the conflict or who are engaging in acts of terrorism,” she said.

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