Zionists fear Islamic unity against Israel

The leaders of World Zionist movement and their Christian collaborators have always considered Muslim unity (Ummah) as the greatest threat to their plan of world domination as mentioned in the notorious The Protocols of Zion.

On November 11, 2011, the Press TV published Mark Glenn’s column entitled Islamic Solidarity: The bomb Israel fears. It’s a good read to find out who are the real terrorists and criminals behind the continuous wars against Muslim countries around the Globe. However, I don’t agree with Mark Glenn for calling Israel a “Jewish State”. In fact, the idea of a homeland for the persecuted European Jews outside Europe was conceived by atheist Jewish leaders of the World Zionist movement as a Communist/Socialist state. Furthermore, US President Harry Truman, rejected David Ben Gurion’s calling the Zionist entity as “Jewish State” on May 14, 1948 (see the proof on top left of this post).

I know Mark Glenn for years. He is an American Catholic writer, blogger, author and radio talk show host. He was kind enough to invite me to his talk show a few months ago which for some personal reason I declined. Mark has dedicated his life to bring Christians and Muslims closer to fight their common enemy, the Zionist mafia.

Mark in his somewhat lengthy column wrote:

The ultimate drama queen-Lady Gaga (Israel) with nukes, banks, TV networks, and a chorus line of presidents, prime ministers, popes, priests, preachers, pundits and professors on the payola sheet In a verbal portrait-self-obsessed, self-absorbed, unplugged, pathologically-narcissistic and unable to care about anything except the latest noise buzzing ’round her like so many subatomic particles locked in dysfunctional orbit around the nucleus of some deadly radioactive element named J-Tonium.

Jewish interests wanted Iraq destroyed, and it was. Dittoes with Afghanistan, Libya, and on and on and on. Tens of millions of innocent lives destroyed because it was in the interests of the Jewish state and her people to see it done. Like some crime boss snapping his fingers and people instantly dropping dead like flies in various places, when La Kosher Nostra has spoken it’s a done deal and God help anyone who gets in the way.

Simple logic tells us that there was (is) nothing of any benefit to the various surrogate nations of the West engaging in this program of Mutually Assured Destruction with the Islamic world. The only beneficiary collecting on the life insurance policies of the deceased will be the Jewish state and her people, a fact you can take to the bank.

And now, without so much as even an ounce of regret or remorse for the apocalyptic trouble she’s caused the world vis-à-vis Iraq, Afghanistan. Libya, et al, Lady Gaga is again in motion, twirling and whirling like some maniacal, Judaic dervish in conjuring up yet another magic spell for her mostly-Christian audience of war-porn addicts. Sometimes singing, sometimes shrieking, sometimes clawing her face, gouging her eyes and pulling her hair, the witch doctor cometh again, hissing and hexing against Iran, and all because our would-be beauty queen is once again prevented from grabbing the gold at that aforementioned contest for world domination.

Like the many personality layers not atypical with paranoid schizophrenics, so too are diverse and perplexing the reasons for Israel wanting Iran destroyed.

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One Response to Zionists fear Islamic unity against Israel

  1. Sugel says:

    Zionism aimed at the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine under the protection of the powers of Europe. The Messianic hope promised the establishment, by the Jews, of a world-power in Palestine to which all the nations of the earth would pay homage. Zionism, even in its political aspect, would fulfil only one phase of the Jewish Messianic hope. The Messianic hope was wider than the emancipation of the Jews, it is more comprehensive than the establishment of a Jewish, politically independent State.

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