‘Dead Sea Scrolls: The Stolen Works’

Israel is the best in using dirty tricks in its PR – from politics, war, character assassination to religion. Israel has used pornography in marketing Holocaust; used falsfied reports to push Washington to attack Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Now, it’s falsifying IAEA report in order to push United States to another war against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On religious front – Israel have been using the Dead Sea Scrolls stolen from the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem in 1967 by the Jewish occupation army.

Currently, the Dead Sea Scrolls are on display at the Discovery Time Square exhibit space in New York. According to Israeli hasbara (propaganda) that the stone on which the Scrolls are written – was part of the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) of the second Temple in Jerusalem.

However, some Israeli historians believe that the present-day Western Wall has nothing to do with Judaism. It’s a hoax created by Zionist Jews just as their biblical claim to Palestine.

The exhibition displays over 500 objects; pottery, coins, seals, jewelry, carvings, textiles and 2000-year-old old olive pits – all found in the deserts surrounding Qumran in 1947.

Interestingly, the Scrolls in addition to many other prophecies – predicts the coming of two Messiahs – one for the “priestly” works and the second for the “kingly” works. These predictions could relate to prophet Jesus (as) and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Jesus, according to Matthew 22:21; preached peace and submissiveness and leave the rule of land to others. He (John 16:7-14) told his followers that he yet had many things to teach them but they could not bear them yet and that another messenger would be coming after him who would teach them the complete truth.

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3 Responses to ‘Dead Sea Scrolls: The Stolen Works’

  1. Naeem says:

    Salaam brother rehmat great article. i have a question i read your article on your other page and you said this According to World Bank’s projection – Asia and Africa will leave behind North America and Europe during the next few decades
    Can you provide me a link so inshallah in the future i can expose the euro fascists that eu u s isn’t so great.

  2. KitKat says:

    All religions were based on the belief of primative people with little to no insight into the working of the world. Religion is nothing more than writings to try to a) gain political advantage, b) control the masses, and c) make sense of the world on a primitive level. Who knows in 200 years Harry Potter may be considered to be the next great messiah.

    • rehmat2 says:

      Historically that’s not true, Kit Kat.

      For example, when Muslims invaded Spain in 711 CE – the Jews were living as Serf (slaves) under Christian rulers and the Catholic Church. Muslims ruled Spain over 850 years during which Christian European lived through its ‘Dark Age’. Anti-Arab Jewish ‘Orientalist’ Dr. Bernard Lewis has called Muslim Spain “the Golden Age of Jews”.

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