Imran Khan on women: ‘Sarkozy is not my model’

The TIME magazine has published (October 31, 2011) an interview with Pakistan’s world famous crickter, Imran Khan, by Belinda Luscombe. In the interview Imran Khan answers ten questions about his book ‘Pakistan: A Personal History’, his early life, cricket, politics, US-Pakistan relations and plan for re-marriage.

When Blenda asked Imran if he plans to meet more women if he was elected (President), like French President Nicolas Sarkozy (son of a Jewish mother and a Catholic father) – Imran replied: “Sarkozy is not my model“.

On US-Pakistan relations, Imran Khan said: “It’s a very strange relationship that we got into. The U.S. felt it was doing us a favor by giving us money. The people of Pakistan felt we were fighting the U.S.’s war and paying a huge price for it. We have more radicalization and anti-Americanism in Pakistan than ever”. Watch video below.

When asked if Imran is anti-American, he replied: “For anyone who has traveled as much as I have, it is not possible to be anti-American or anti-any whole nation. But I think that the U.S. took the wrong turn after 9/11. Nineteen criminals were elevated to holy warriors”.

It seems Imran Khan is still naive enough to believe in the 9/11 official story, while a great majority of western intellectuals have stop believing the official story. So much so, even former US military professor Dr. Alan Sabrosky has said the 9/11 was carried out by Israel.

In 1995, Imran Khan then 45 married Jemima Khan 21, daughter of British Jewish billionaire and member of British House of Lord, Sir James Goldsmith. Late James was considered to be the fourth major British donor to Israel. Imran and Jemima, converted to Islam, had a amicable divorce in 2004. Imran has two kids from this marriage. Both kids live in London with their mother Jemima.

Imran Khan is the founder-president of ‘Tehreek-e-Insaf (Justice Movement) Party’. The party lacks popularity and Imran Khan is the only elected MP of his party. Imran Khan has the honor of establishing the very first cancer hospital in Pakistan after his late mother Shaukat Khanum who died from cancer. Late Princess Diana had visited the hospital in 1996.

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    Hats off to wheover wrote this up and posted it.

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