Press TV banned in UK

The ‘British Friends of Israel’ celebrate their censorship victory over independent joirnalism. Who can blame them for running to toilet when they see Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth criticizing Israel and praising Islamic Republic on Press TV.

London-based political analyst and former national secretary of British Socilist Workers Party, Chris Bambery in an interview with Press TV said that Press TV is villfully being targeted for airing news about the oppressed people, Blacks and immigrants in the country and Palestinian and recent London riots. He also believes that the British Office of Communications (OfCom) has decided to take Press TV off air as it had become very popular and a threat to the Zionist-controlled mainstream media such as BBC. Watch the interview video below.

Last year, Israeli friends in India got Press TV banned in Occupied Kashmir for exposing Zionist-Hindutva propaganda lies against Kashmiri Muslims.

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