US: ‘Iran is plotting to bankrupt US’

The UN Drug Report 2011, has praised Islamic Republic, which shares a 936-kilometer border with Afghanistan and a 909-kilometer border with Pakistan, for intercepting 89 percent of all the seized opium worldwide. Afghanistan under US-NATO occupation has become world’s largest producer of illicit drugs . The report hopes the rest of the world will follow suit.

According to the UNO, Iran is providing a “vital strategic role” in curbing the trafficking of drugs – indeed it has the highest rate of seizures of opium and heroin in the world. Iran is responsible for capturing 89 per cent of the world’s opium snatches and 41 per cent in the case of heroin. Iran spends millions of USD every year in countering the drugs trade and employs thousands of police officers.

UNODC Director Yuri Fedotov stated in Tehran in July 2011:”I am here to lend support for Iran’s vital strategic role in curbing illicit drugs. I hope the international community will follow suit and support Iranian anti-narcotics measures,” adding that “Iran has put in place one of the world’s strongest counter-narcotics responses. Its counter narcotics efforts, good practices and concerns deserve the acknowledgment of the international community.”

On October 11, 2011 – Ali Mobedi, the head of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters, announced: “We have seized about 250 tons of traditional narcotics like opium, hashish, morphine and heroin being trafficked from Afghanistan. The amount shows an eight-percent increase compared with last year”.

He went on to say that the Iranian officials, during the same time interval, have seized 140 percent more crack cocaine, compared with last year.

“About 85 percent of the drugs were seized exactly on the border of Iran and Afghanistan,” the official pointed out, stressing that the detained amount is enough to destroy the whole human population.

The Iranian government has set up static defenses such as man power and electronic equipment along its border to maintain more control of the area.

Within a span of thirty years, more than 3700 Iranian police officers have been killed and tens of thousands more injured in counter narcotics operations, mostly on Afghan and Pakistan borders.

I bet the UNDC report says much more than Zionist-occupied Washington’s claim that Tehran tried to assassinate Saudi diplomat.

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One Response to US: ‘Iran is plotting to bankrupt US’

  1. naeem says:

    salaam rehmat
    Yes i read this a while ago that iran had the best record against combatiing illicit drugs. I read your other article about israel striking iran and i think its a possibility, their was a us naval war study war game in 04 i think red team v blue it was said the red team was iran and the blue team still couldn’t could get a decisive win. Now 7 years on iran is stronger than ever before with having chemical bioloigal weapons but also having the ballistic technology to deliver it should scare the hell out of the zionists BUT i guess your right it is israel’s SUICIDAL war against iran. In case of a war i do believe iran will sink the entire us fleet into the PG and can end US power not only in the ME but the whole world Inshallah

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